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Hairstyles For Ringlets

Rachel Crow With Head Of Perfect Ringlet Curls

Hairstyles For Ringlets

Rachel Crowe is the mega-talented young teen on the first season of X-Factor.  Luckily for ringlet fans, her hair has been styled in a beautiful array of curls, coils and natural ringlets from the beginning of the competition.

Maybe Rachel's beautiful hair texture has been emphasized because she is being coached by Simon Cowell.  Or maybe the hairstylists for the Fox show understand how beautiful her natural ringlets are.

She has been showcasing her curls in a wide array of hairstyles ranging from wearing them loose and au natural to pulled back to different side and help back with headbands.

Follow the steps below to get your own ringlet infused curly look:

1.  Cleanse detangled hair in lukewarm water.  Be sure to get hair very wet before applying a hydrating cleansing formula.  If your hair is naturally curly or textured you may wish to utilize a modified cleansing routine such as a Diluted Shampoo (DS), Conditioner Only Wash (COWash), Water Only (WO) or similar.

2.  Rinse shampoo or related formula out of your hair.  Apply a hydrating conditioner from the bottom of your ears down to your ends.  Using your fingers or a wide tooth comb work through individual 2" horizontal sections.  Detangle slowly from ends up to the roots.

Rachel Crow Ringlet Hairstyle

3.  After hair is completely detangled rinse well.  Finish with a cool or cold water rinse.

4.  Towel blot, but do not rub, wet hair.

5.  Apply a styling cocktail to wet hair.  This cocktail might include, but not be limited to, a defrisant, leave-in conditioner and/or thermal protection formula.  This cocktail when applied to wet hair will help prevent frizz, especially on hair which is naturally curly or textured.

Note: For maximum results apply each product first to the palms of your hands and fingers and massage together.  Then distribute through hair from about 2" from roots down to the ends.  Do not apply directly to roots. Do not rinse out the styling cocktail.  Use a wide tooth comb or fingers to distribute well.

6.  As a last step apply a styling cream or curl perfecting spray to boost natural texture.  If you prefer you can utilize a mousse instead.  Do you use a cream or spray combined with a mousse.  Select one or the other.

7.  Use a long finger diffuser cup attached to a blow dryer.  Allow hair to rest into the diffuser fingers and cup to create maximum ringlet formation.  Set dryer on low heat and low speed.

8.  For maximum ringlet formation after hair is 80-85 dry take individual 1-2" sections and wind the curls around fingers to form a ringlet.  Pin against the scalp and allow to air dry the rest of the way.

9.  When hair is completely dry unpin the ringlets.  Bend over at the waist and shake lightly to tousle.  If curls are too tight then tug gently on the ends to loosen. 10. Finish the look with a hairspray designed to seal out humidity and help ringlets remain frizz-free and soft.

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