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Ross Matthews Loves Too Much At 2011 SAG Awards

E Red Carpet reporter Ross Matthews was doing interviews with Giuliana Rancic at last night's SAG Awards.  At the very beginning of the show Ross and Giuliana were doing their intro and Ross stopped to wave at the fans on one side and the still photographers on the other.  He said to Giuliana "I love them."

Giuliana and Ross continued to chat and Ross said "I love the fashions, love, love, love the fashions."  Giuliana said to Ross "I actually got a note from the producer (of the show).  You can't love everyone you talk to tonight.  Like it's one thing to love Betty White.  We all love Betty White.  The fifth extra in Glee?  Do you really love them?"

Ross said "what about this? I love you."  Giuliana said "that works, the producers can live with that."

Right after their chat about Ross loving too many things Giuliana said she was going to call him RMatt like RPat.  Ross was thrilled and said "uhhh, I'll take that.  I love a Hollywood name. Helloooo."

Ross aka RMatt seemed to pay attention to the Guiliana's comments about loving too much.  When he interviewed Jenna Ushkowitz  from Glee he only mentioned love one time, when he complimented the tattoo on her arm.  He also seemed to control his loving when he chatted with Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson.   He also controlled his love words when he interviewed Naya Rivera from Glee.

Ross did let lose with "I love that" when he interviewed Jenna Fischer who wanted to say hello to her sister Emily.  He did flirt with the adorably handsome Jon Hamm and mentioned that Josh Duhamel was loved by his fans.  He also had several loves he expressed to Helena Bonham Carter.

However, Ross actually keep his loving to a minimum.  Kudos to Ross.

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