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Jesse Tyler Ferguson At 2011 SAG Awards Admits To Crush On Alec Baldwin

Jesse Tyler Ferguson is hilarious as Mitchell Pritchett on ABC's Modern Family.   He was very funny on the 2011 SAG Red Carpet being interviewed by Ross Matthews where the two were obviously discussing pocket squares.  Jesse sang "pocket squares unit" which sent Ross into the giggles.

Ross complimented Jesse on his dashing pocket square and congratulated him on the success of Modern Family and said "you've won the Emmy and are here at the SAGs,this is fun still?"

Jesse deadpanned "so jaded into our second year.  Is Meryl Streep here?  Because if she's not I just don't care."  Ross said "she's got a guy."  He shrugged his shoulders and said "I just don't care."  Then he smiled and said "this is always fun.  This is always fun."

Ross discussed his love of Twitter with Jesse and talked about a recent incident where Jesse was listed as an actress on a DVR.  Jesse said it wasn't good.

Ross told Jesse he heard he has "a little crush on Alec Baldwin."  Jesse confirmed his crush and said "yes, yes, who doesn't" have a crush on Alec Baldwin?   "I could join a Yahoo chat room on that for sure."  Ross said "there's something about him, right?"  Jesse said "and he's so sweet.  So he's very crushable, yeah.  And hilarious."

Jesse confirmed that actress Shelley Long is returning to the show to make a guest appearance on Modern Family and has already shot her episode.  He said "she was hilarious.  She's in an episode with baalalalala, several cast......."  Ross laughed "I don't know that person."  Jesse laughed "they just got into the country no..."  He said Shelley Long "she's awesome,she's so, so, funny, she's great.   Matt Dillon's who I'm thinking of."

When Ross asked Jesse if there was anyone at the SAG Awards that he wanted to me he said "I kinda missed my chance to meet Betty White last year soooo I might just have to go up to  say hello.  I went to her taping of Saturday Night Live (SNL) and I didn't say hello.  I'm such a dork."

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