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Modern Family Unveils New Lily In Premiere

Modern Family Unveils New Lily In Premiere

Eric Stonestreet & Hiller TwinABC's wildly popular "Modern Family" is back and visiting a dude ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  The premiere aired tonight and it was as funny as ever.

Now that the show is entering into it's third season, the cast has worked out all the kinks and all of the characters flow well together.

The synergy of the cast is fantastic and probably explains why the show just won its second straight Emmy for Best Comedy Series.

From Brand New Baby To Three Year Old

At the end of the second season there was a lot of discussion about how to advance the character of Lily who is the adopted Asian daughter of Mitchell and Cameron.

Lily was introduced into the show as a brand new baby.  As the show prepared to enter it's third season the writers, producers and directors felt that Lily needed to be more engaging which meant the possibility of a new actress to play the part of Lily. 

Jesse Tyler Ferguson & Hiller Twin The stated goal was to give Lily more of a personality and definitely to have her talking and engaging with her two parents.   Afterall, in TV years Lily was growing up along with the rest of the cast.

Aubrey Anderson-Emmons was the little girl who was picked to play the part of the 3-year-old Lily.  The adorable little girl fits perfectly with the rest of the cast.

Executive producer Christopher Lloyd explained the decision to replace twins Jaden and Ella Hiller.  He said “It was a hard decision, and this was not remotely having to do with us wanting to upgrade the acting ability or jump the character in age. The twins who play the part (Jaden and Ella Hiller) were not happy."

He said "We started feeling like we were just being mean to these little girls, making them come to the stage. And the character is reaching an age where she would talk, and that was going to be an asset to us to have Cam and Mitch communicating with her."

Lloyd continued "So, we have a new little girl, Aubrey Anderson-Emmons. And we’re hoping that it’s not too jarring a transition for people. I don’t think it will be because they look similar and they’re of similar age. She’s very cute and winning, and we’re not going to have her suddenly doing soliloquies in the first episode. She’ll talk the way a 3‑year‑old would talk.”

Gloria And Cowboy Tim Blake Nelson

Jesse Tyler Ferguson & Aubrey Anderson-EmmonsBesides the drama of Gloria catching the lustful advances of cowboy Tim Blake Nelson and her husband Jay reacting with disdain, there was Claire dealing with daughters Haley and Dylan.  Also,  Mitchell was fretting about Lily's obvious selfishness and related adoption issues.

If you're a fan of Modern Family the special one hour premiere was a delightful viewing experience.

It's nice to have all our favorite characters from the Dunphy/Pritchett-Delgado/Tucker-Pritchett families back with all their hilarious adventures.

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