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Lily Allen Performs Curtsey

Ellen introduced the outspoken British Pop Singer, Lilly Allen on her February 18th show, by saying "in only two short years our next guest has has gone from being the Queen of Myspace to an International Superstar.  Here to perform from her latest CD - Its Not Me Its You. Please welcome Lily Allen."

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Lily has Raven Black hair which she was wearing long and lush several inches below her shoulders in a loose hairstyle with a very slight hint of wave around the perimeter.

The Pop Star had a deep side part with a side-swept fringe which brushed over the top of one eyebrow.

Lily was wearing a very short charcoal gray skirt with high stiletto black heels.  She had on a white long-sleeved sweater with charcoal gray accent stripes along the top.  She was wearing a white accent belt.

Performing A Curtsey

Lily performed for Ellen and her audience.  At the end of her song Lily curtsied.  A curtsey, also spelled curtsy, is a traditional gesture of greeting in which a woman bends her knees while bowing her head. It is the female equivalent of male bowing in Western cultures.

The audience applauded wildly. After singing her song Ellen went over and told her it was great.  She told the audience they were all getting a copy of Lily's CD.  She also told the home audience to log onto to her website to buy the CD.  She then told Lily to go "get comfortable" and she would "meet her in the bathroom".  Ellen has been doing a Bathroom Concert series with many of her guests and was planning on singing with Lily.

The camera panned to Ellen running to the bathroom.  Ellen Lily did "Womanizer" together in the bathroom.   The song was sponsored by Garnier Fructose and their various hair products.

Lily is an a tour through the United States.  She made headlines this week by having a public feud with Perez Hilton on Twitter.

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