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Peace Lilies Enhance Beauty

Introduction - Peace Lilies Enhance Beauty

Peace Lily Flower - Wikipedia - All Rights Reserved Peace Lily Flower - Wikipedia - All Rights Reserved

I'll confess, I'm a sucker for all types of lilies. Give me a bouquet with flowering pink or white Star Gazer Lilies and I turn to mush.

The fragrant, blooming hybrid lily has special meaning to me.  When my beloved late husband was fighting to recover from major heart surgery to slow the progress of his degenerative heart disease I kept his hospital room full of Star Gazers.

He visibly brightened as each of the buds slowly opened.  I always believed those gorgeous bouquets of Star Gazers helped him recover, not to mention his hospital room was bursting with color and had the most amazing aroma.

A Beautiful Blooming Peace Lily Plant

After his sudden death from a massive heart attack, my long haired friend Jennifer Bahney sent me the most beautiful blooming Peace Lily plant.  I had never owned this type of plant before yet I was instantly comforted and charmed by the beautiful white lilies.

Although its been eight years since I lost my husband, the beautiful Peace Lily plant sent to me by Jennifer Bahney is still thriving and putting out crisp white lilies on a regular basis.

How Peace Lilies Enhance Beauty

Ironically it's been proven that peace lilies enhance beauty.  How?  Peace lilies enhance beauty by absorbing beauty product related aromas.  They are one of the very best house plants  at absorbing chemical vapors like acetone, which is found in several nail polish removers.

Peace Lily Plant Peace Lily Plant

These charming blooming plants help to absorb, as well as remove, the alcohol in hair products in hairsprays and related styling products.    The peace lily plans also absorb a wide range of toxic cleaners found in bathrooms, kitchens and around the house.

The peace lily, known officially as spathiphyllum, is a genus of about 40 species of monocotyledonous flowering plants in the family Araceae.  This popular plant is native to tropical regions of the Americas and southeastern Asia. Certain species of spathiphyllum are also commonly known as spath.

They are evergreen herbaceous perennial plants with large leaves 12–65 cm long and 3–25 cm broad. The flowers are produced in a spadix, surrounded by a 10–30 cm long, white, yellowish, or greenish spathe.

How To Care For Peace Lilies

Unlike Star Gazer Lilies which are often included in floral arrangements, peace lilies are sent as part of a plant which gives them a long life.  While they tend to do well in many geographic locations, they don't do well in every area.

Be sure to check with your florist before investing in a large number of Peace lily plants if they don't thrive in your environment.  The good news?  Peace Lilies will grow and flourish in almost any well drained soil.  Especially if the plant is re-potted every 2-3 years to freshen and revitalize the soil.

Peace lilies are one of the most popular plants sent for special occasions and to express sympathy for a death.  They bring a splash of beauty at a challenging time.

StarGazerLilies StarGazerLilies

Peace lilies are easy to take care of.  When they need water their leaves start to droop.  Give the plant some moisture and it'll perk right up.

The Peace lilies prefer indirect light but will also thrive under fluorescent lighting.  The plant does not need excessive light or water to survive.  Peace lilies grow best in a warm environment with 68°-85° daytime temperatures and 10° cooler at night.

Summary - Peace Lilies Enhance Beauty

Peace lilies bring beauty in many ways.  Not only are they beautiful to look at, their presence will help to beautify the environment by absorbing toxic chemicals present in beauty products.

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