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Should You Go On A Spa Retreat?

Normally my retreat mode means staying locked up alone for an entire weekend without my iphone, notebook computer, TIVO or other writing aka work tools.

A retreat gives you time to completely unwind, relax and find your center.  I think everyone, if its possible with their lifestyle and relationships, to take at least one 2-3 day retreat every year just to find your center.

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Not only does it give you an opportunity to recharge your mind, it is the ultimate beauty treat because lots of peace and quiet will help you relax and rejuvenate.

Not everyone loves total solitude or giving up all their techno-toys for peace, quiet and hard core meditation.  For some a retreat means sharing and building bonds with like minded people.

For others the sharing and caring should go hand in hand with a spa retreat.

Should you consider a spa retreat and what exactly is a spa retreat?

There are so many different kinds of spa retreats you can take ranging from checking into a destination spa by yourself and doing a customized wellness or other program that allows you to find your own special brand of balance.  There's also the spa retreats where you go with a group of people focused on a particular topic area with lots of spa treatments intermingled in the group workshops and contemplation time.

One thing's for certain.  There's so much more to spa retreats than facials, massages, manis and pedis.

What is the Group Spa Retreat? It's often hard to put it into words. One good description is that a group ranging in size from a few to a large number of women gather together for a few days at a plus destination resort to connect, enjoy relaxation, learn new topics, pamper their bodies and souls and have fun.

Have you been to a spa retreat?  I have some years ago and it was very enjoyable because it was a women's business group doing a retreat to examine business development issues.  It was not only very enlightening but I made so many new business contacts and developed long term friendships.  I also learned how other women deal with their own business challenges.

The spa retreats I attended offered a special type of intangible energy and a special chemistry that develops among a group of attendees who are going through a similar process of self-examination at the same time.

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