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Hair Inspirations From Oprah's Tea House

Although I never made it to the title of Super or Ultimate Fan, I did quietly watch Oprah for the entire time she was on television.  I tend to be a fan that lurks.  Just like Ellen, which I have watched since Day One of her show, I never write in to the show, contact the producers, try to get tickets or do anything that would identify me as a fan.  Which explains why I never get the appropriate fan related titles.

When it comes to Oprah I have mixed feelings about her time on the air, her last show and her various philosophies.  There were some things which Oprah preached which I just could not wrap my head around, but other things resonated deeply for me.

If I had to say how Oprah inspired me the most over the past 25 years, it was learning how to do a better job of putting myself into my successful creative spaces.  Yes, living my best life which she taught so well to many.

Although I always loved the hair and related makeover shows, I also loved when Oprah shared about her own hair, beauty and weight related struggles.  That's was Oprah's best talent, her authenticity and willingness to show her true self even with any foibles.

Yesterday Oprah opened part of her California home up to Nate Berkus.  Oprah and Nate have a long history and because of his appearances on Oprah, Nate was given his own daytime show.  It was only fitting that Nate would be invited to hang out and chat with Oprah in her very special tea house.

Oprah has this eye popping, mouth dropping glass, stone and wood beamed tree house on her California estate which is surrounded by breathtaking rose gardens, a lavender patch and a view of the ocean.  While the tea house is beyond magnificent, Oprah told Nate that it was her special place to nap, read and meditate.  Her place to find peace and quiet.

During her interview from the tea house I had an aha moment.  I realized that I didn't have my own version of an Oprah tea house where I could find true peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the four companies I co-own and the constant noise that comes across the wires.

After watching Oprah in her tea house yesterday I decided to make my very own version.  No, it wouldn't be as gorgeous or grand like Oprah's, but it would be quiet, peaceful and would allow me to let my mind flow freely.

I have a very small little room under that staircase where I live which was originally a guest closet but big enough for a comfy chair and a few other things.  Like Oprah's tea house, the room doesn't have any distractions like phones or any type of noise.  From the room I can hear the birds out in the backyard and if I like, calming music from the sound system in the house.

Once my little room was all rearranged I proceed to lock myself in there for three house and just let my mind wander.  The first thought which popped into my head was hair.  Of course it would be hair, my favorite topic in the entire world.  Just setting there in the soft light of the room on my comfy little chair my mind spun an amazing array of hair, beauty and similar threads.

I didn't want to work in my little room because Oprah bans work from her tea house.  So I went and retrieved my little pocketsized recorder and when a new idea popped into my head I would quickly record it so I didn't forget it.

During my quiet time in my closet room I also took a quick nap which is rare for me and figured out answers to several ongoing issues I was having about a wide range of things both serious and frivolous.

After three hours locked in my closet house I was so relaxed, refreshed and full of joy that I emerged with a brand new mindset.  I also have literally 40 new ideas for hair and related topics I would love to create.

More importantly I realized how much Oprah really meant to me through the years I wateched her shows.   Often I would take tiny grains of information that would come from her shows and adopt them in my own life.

Such was the case with her amazing tea house.  No, I don't plan to build a tea house just like her but now I have my beautiful little closet room which I know I will be visiting on a regular basis in the future.  And I have the gift of many new hair, beauty and related ideas I can share with others.

Thanks Oprah wherever you are.

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