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Super Bowl Media Day Hair Winner? Troy Polamalu or Clay Matthews?

Even though Arlington Texas was hit in the early morning hours by an arctic storm which blanketed the area in a thick sheet of treacherous ice, media day for Super Bowl XLV was held as usual at the new Cowboys Stadium.

Mobs of media were transported across icy highways and herded into the arena where they were only allowed 60 minutes, counted down on a scoreboard, to interview the players from both teams.

(Image of Troy Polomalu of Pittsburgh Steelers - Head & Shoulders - All Rights Reserved)

The media didn't have either a lot of time or a lot of new topics to talk about.  When all else fails, hair is a great topic.  And Troy Polomalu and Clay Matthews' hair was a key topic today at Cowboy's Stadium. The  Hair Wars of Steeler's Troy Polomalu or Green Bay's Clay Matthews continued to be a key topic.

So who really has the best hair between Polomalu or Matthews?   Of course everyone will have their opinions, but personally I think Troy's naturally curly tresses spectacular.  Yes, Matthews has nice blonde tresses but when placed alongside those thick raven black Polomalu strands I think there's no contest.

Head & Shoulders obviously agrees with me.  Which is why his thick natural curls netted No. 43 so much attention as they cascaded out from his Steeler's helmet.  Head & Shoulders recognized that Troy's Samoan hair is not only naturally curly, it's very thick and truly magnificent.  Definitely a great head of hair to represent their famous brand.

When asked whose hair would win in a battle?  Polamalu pondered for a second. "Hmmmm.  I can say mine's more expensive."  Head & Shoulders did insure his head of curls for a cool $1 million.  The same can't be said about the blonde tresses of Matthews.

Polamalu is used to constant teasing about how his hair has made him one of the most recognizable athletes in all of sports, let alone the NFL.

At the media event he turned down a chance to try on a long, blond wig that resembled the hairstyle of Green Bay's Clay Matthews.

According to AP Sport Writer Dennis Waszak Jr.,  the soft spoken star safety was a few minutes late arriving at media day.  His famous hair was pulled back into a ponytail and covered by the hood on his gray Pittsburgh Steelers sweat shirt.   After calls to see his famous hair were shouted out, Troy uncovered his strands by pulling his hood back.

Troy's Hair Maintenance

Does all that hair require a lot of time?  Troy has to keep his hair well conditioned and detangled.  The Steelers star told the media  "It takes me about 45 minutes to get ready every day," he explained.  He also gave an impromptu infomercial for the line of shampoo he endorses.  Polamulu and Clay Matthews-like wigs were making the rounds at media day for various players and media to try on.

Whether it's because of his famous locks or due to the hard-hitting disruptive force he delivers to the Steelers, his No. 43 Steeler's jersey is the top seller in the NFL ahead of Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees or Michael Vick.

The Defensive Player of the Year has a hard time getting his own jersey.  He said "I've got to buy my own jersey to get them out to my family."   Known to be very soft-spoken, he takes the fame his hair has brought him with humility.

Clay Matthews Let Maria Menuelos Stroke His Strands

Clay Matthews' tend to be a little more outspoken about his hair which he is known to fling and flick around off the field.  It's been reported that he regularly spritzes water on his famous blonde tresses to keep them shiny, sleek and well managed.    Matthews' who has his own hair deal with Suave let Maria Menounos stroke his strands at the media event.

If I had a choice I would have made a beeline for Polamulu's curls.  Who could resist sticking their fingers in those massive curls?

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