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Olivia Wilde Wearing Stunning Metallic Gown, California Cool Long Hair At 2011 Golden Globes

The Golden Globes is enjoying fabulous weather for the 2011 Red Carpet event.  According to Ryan Seacrest it's 80 degrees on the 2011 Golden Globes Red Carpet.

Ryan noted Olivia Wilde (House) had made it "early" onto the Red Carpet.  Olivia, a scheduled Golden Globes presenter, was Ryan Seacrest's first interview.

Ryan told the beautiful brunette she looked "stunning" and she teased "I'm very excited to be your first."

Ryan loved her comment and thanked her for being his first.  He then explained that her  strapless gown with fitted waist and big ball gown skirt "was a Marchesa."

California Cool Long Lush Hair

Olivia's gown is absolutely breathtaking.  It's a beautiful metallic hue with Ombre sequins.  She wore her chocolate brunette tresses cascading down around her shoulders in straight sleek panels.  She also have a full frontal fringe with just a bit of a side part.  It was very casual and California cool which offset her eye popping gown.

E Fashion Police member Kelly Osbourne said "she takes the cake. She was my one to watch" for tonight's Red Carpet.

Ryan said he could tell Olivia was wearing Marchesa "by some of the architecture".  Ryan wanted to know "how does a dress like that work underneath?"  Olivia said "it's really comfortable actually.  I could eat a cheeseburger in there.  Not that I would.  I don't eat meat.  But I could. Because there's so much room.  It's so comfortable."

How Long Did It Take Olivia To Get Ready?

Ryan asked Olivia how long she took to get ready and pointed out that many people attending the awards start to get ready very early.  He asked how early Olivia started.  The actress explained on award show days "you know, I need my morning,on days like this to kinda hang out and do my thing.  So I didn't start too early.  I started at noon.  I had two hours or prep.  Nothing went horribly wrong yet."

Ryan said "it went horribly right."  Olivia agreed.  Ryan asked "how many seasons have you been on House?"  Olivia said "this will be my fourth season."  Ryan asked if Olivia and her co-star Hugh Laurie ask them medical questions.  Olivia said that they do "people think I'm an expert at medicine , just like with Tron people ask me technology.  Cowboys and Aliens they're going to ask me cowboy questions.  I know nothing really."

Learning The Medical Vocabulary On House

Ryan asked if the "vocabulary on House" is the most difficult.  Olivia replied "yes, it's difficult, you know, it's like Shakespeare, you have to learn it, you  can't paraphrase so it's fun.  You learn it and then you can be proud you know things."

After discussing her role on House Ryan asked "since you're my first, what type of looks do you think we'll see tonight" on the Red Carpet?

The gorgeous brunette actress said "I wonder.  I'm not sure.  I'm looking forward to seeing myself.  But it's a beautiful day, its not raining like last year."    She laughed "it's a beautiful day, everyone's feeling really good, there's a great spirit in Hollywood right now so I'm excited to be here, it's going to be good fashion."

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