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Jennifer Love Hewitt Wears Stunning Big Ballerina Style Bun At 2011 Golden Globes

Jennifer Love Hewitt wearing a stunning silvery white strapless fluted top gown and her new boyfriend Alex stopped by to see Ryan Seacrest at the 2011 Golden Globes Red Carpet.

Ryan asked the actress how she met her boyfriend.  Jennifer said we met "at a dinner party."

Ryan wanted to know what Jennifer new boyfriend said to charm her.  Love, as she likes to be called replied "he was just really funny.  It wasn't anything particular, he was just funny" with a good sense of humor.

Alex told Ryan "I had a Members Only jacket on so that was pretty awesome, yeah."

When asked about her stunning long gown which had a stunning low back, Jennifer explained she was wearing a "Ramona Keveza" design which had a fluted top and a crystal encrusted jeweled belt. Ryan warned Alex that the Red Carpet was "fresh and new" and if anyone "steps on the dresses" it leaves a red mark.  Since Jennifer Love was wearing a stunning silver white gown any red footprints would be very obvious.  Ryan explained he was already yelled at for "marking" a gown with the red foot prints.

Jennifer, who's nominated for a 2011 Golden Globe, told Ryan she was doing a bit of a hula dancing lately.  She explained "I was going the hula because I was in Hawaii and it's good for the waist and the hips so I've been doing a little bit of that."  Love's boyfriend Alex said he's "really good at the hula dance."  Jennifer corrected him and said "you were more of the fire dancer.  The fire dancing."

Ryan wanted to know if Alex met Jennifer before or after she wrote her recent book.  Alex said after.

Although Jennifer is not expected to win a Golden Globe she looked gorgeous and her long brunette tresses were pulled up and off her hairline and wrapped into a full ballerina style bun which was positioned right at the crown.  It appeared to have petals of hair around the perimeter to give the bun a finished look.

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