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Justin Timberlake Rocked Natural Curls Dancing On Ellen's Post RMA Show

Justin Timberlake was Ellen's first celebrity to appear on her stage for the premiere of her 8th season of The Ellen Show.  The show was held on the stage of the recent 2010 VMA Awards.

Ellen opened with a short monologue before launching into her daily dance.  The funny lady wearing jeans, her trademark sneaks, a jacket and tie along with a crisp white shirt danced up and down the aisles.  She sauntered back onto the stage, still dancing and pulled her first guest out onto the stage.

(Image of Justin Timberlake - DC - All Right Reserved)

Looking mighty fine and rocking his naturally curly hair, Justin Timberlake danced out onto the stage driving the already wild audience to new heights of frenzy and screaming. Before they finished dancing together Justin leaned over and dusted off one of Ellen's shoulders.

After taking a seat and drinking from an Ellen mug Justin told Ellen he was "so proud" of her because "you're moving up, you've got your own mugs."  Ellen said "That's right. I'm going to have dishware soon."

The crowd was calm until Justin smiled widely at the audience, waved his hand and said "hi everybody."

When he was dancing Justin dusted off Ellen's shoulders.  Ellen asked Justin why everyone only dusts off the shoulders and not the thighs.   Justin shrugged and said "I feel like dusting off the thigh, you know" and he proceeded to brush off his thigh.  The crowd went crazy.

(Image of Justin Timberlake - DC - All Right Reserved)

Ellen said to Justin "wouldn't you be the person to start" something like that, dusting off the thigh?" Justin looked down and said "dust that dirt off your thigh.  I don't know."

She said "the thing about you, you could make anything popular."  Justin shook his head in disagreement and laughed "that's not true."  Then he moved to the next topic and Justin said "thankfully I've not seen any men in leotards but I have seen some boxes running around the world."

Ellen then talked about Justin's acting career pointing out that the singer has "dived into acting" and "decided to be an actor".  Ellen said "look at you, taking us by storm with the acting.  So tell us about Social Network, right?"   Justin said "you're embarrassing front of all these people."

Ellen pointed out that the movie "Social Network" is getting Oscar buzz already.  Ellen explained Social Network is about the kid that started Facebook.  At that point Ellen flashed a clip of the movie where Justin is awakened from sleep and his shirt is partially open.  The mostly female crowd went wild with cattle calls and applause.

Justin stammered a bit "I'm going to keep my mouth shut" about the film clip and then said "my grandfather said it's better to let people think you're dumb than to open up your mouth and let them know.  I feel like I'd say the wrong thing there" and it's better to have kept "my mouth shut".

Ellen also mentioned that Justin is getting ready to start shooting another movie which requires him to get up at the crack of dawn.

She also mentioned he is promoting his charity, Shiner's Children Hospital, which he has been promoting for the past two years.  This will be the third year.  Justin said that for every concert they're raise 1 million dollars.  Some of the guests for Justin's charity event will include Christina Aguilera, Diddy, Lady Antebellum and others.

Justin told Ellen  "you look all cute and stuff" and Ellen returned the sentiment.  Indeed the always hot Justin Timberlake couldn't have looked cuter.

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