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Ty Burrell From ABC's Modern Family Misses Walking In LA

First time Emmy nominee Actor Ty Burrell (Phil) of ABC's Modern Family is loving the success of the comedy where he plays a husband and father in one of the hilarious families which consists of the Modern Family cast.

He says "it's been crazy, the craziest thing that's happened in my life to this point.  I was acting for awhile, but never really" getting big parts.

(Image of Ty Burrell - Phil on ABC's Modern Family - ABC - All Rights Reserved)

Ty was also never expecting to get nominated for the Emmys ("Modern Family," supporting actor, comedy).  He told the media about his nomination "I'm too easily obsessed.  I had done a fairly successful job at denial that the nominations were even happening, so I was surprised when the phone rang. That's how elaborate my neuroses are."

Of course he was in bed sleeping at the time because he really didn't think he would be included in the list.

Will Ty Win The Emmy In 2010?

Many critics believe Ty's biggest competition in the category is "Modern Family" costar Eric Stonestreet. Although Chris Colfer is also in this category ("Glee") most believe he will not take home the trophy this year.

Whether Ty wins the Emmy or not he still loves the part and he loves that the fans are enjoying the show as well.

He told a hilarious story about being in New York and seeing a man as he and his wife were walking through a tunnel in Central Park and at "the end of the tunnel was a guy who looked pretty much homeless, and he was playing a fiddle with like two strings on it and he was making no...and it was like 'rink, rink, rink adiddle, dink, dink, donk' and as I got towards the end of the tunnel he goes 'not since Frasier has a show come on the air knowing it's tone so completely.'

He said 'and I was like, I'm sorry, figment of my imagination, what did you say?'  He said this man who appeared homeless gave a "detailed, complete analysis of the show."

The Mixed Joy Of A Couples Massage

The funny man talked about the fact that he and his wife recently went on a trip to Hawaii and they got a "couples massage, but I have horrible hearing and so during the massage the masseuse, who was considerate of my wife who was in the room", while he was getting massaged, would whisper questions to Ty about his preferences for the treatment.

Ty said he kept saying to the masseuse "I'm sorry, what did you say, I can't hear you?"  This went on a few times and finally his wife loudly interjected and said "she'd like to roll you over." Ty said that this went "on and on and on throughout the massage."

When the massage was over Ty said to his wife 'that felt amazing' and his wife who had to act as the interpreter said somewhat sarcastically 'great time, great time' and made a face.

Moving From New York To California For Modern Family

While Ty loved the opportunity to star on Modern Family, up until the show started filming in California, he and his wife had primarily lived in New York.  Neither of the couple are "from New York.  They went there to kinda make their way."  Over the last few years, on and off, they lived part time in LA.  But due to Modern Family, they've officially move to LA and Ty finds it "really nice.  There's nothing to complain about."

Does Ty and his wife miss New York?  He said "we miss the walking, primarily.  We're just used to walking everywhere and out here....nooooo."  Ty said in LA they don't walk at all.

Walking To Work....In LA?

Ty did say he moved close enough to the studio where he can "actually walk" to work if he wants.  So he "walks to work."  People in LA find it strange to see him walking.  He said "people from work essentially pull over every day and asking what happened (because he's walking".  He said the people from work ask "what's going on, is everybody OK? Where's your car?"

Another challenge with walking to work is going through "neighborhoods where there are no sidewalks, discouraging walking.  So he's either a creepy guy on somebody's lawn or he's out dodging traffic and people are locking their car doors."

Living In His Car

Ty doesn't hide the fact that while he was "in grad school, he lived in his van to save money and not surprisingly didn't date any women during that period."

Asking a woman to come back to his van while he "slipped into his van pajamas" just didn't get him very far with the ladies.  Imagine that.  Right?

All things considered, Ty has come a long way from those days dodging the spare tire while sleeping in his van.

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