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Carmen Electra May Be Engaged For A Lifetime - No Wedding Plans On Horizon

The always gorgeous Carmen Electra showed off some of her signature dance moves in a stunning long sleeved cream hued short gown knee length black leather boots on a recent Ellen.

Wearing her caramel hair long and lush, Carmen danced across the stage to hug Ellen and settle in for a short chat.  Ellen mentioned to Carmen that they last time she was on the show she was talking about getting engaged and "you are engaged now, right?"

Carmen said "I've been engaged for awhile.  It's been quite a long time."  Ellen said "and how much longer will it be?"  Carmen laughed "uhhhh, it could be a lifetime actually.  Sure, I'm taking it very very slow."  She repeated "very very slow."  Ellen asked "why?"  The multi-talented performer said "why not?"

And her New Year's Resolutions?  "To get into shape because I did get a little bit lazy."  Ellen thought Carmen's resolution was funny and replied "yeah, you're really letting yourself go.  Look at you."

Indeed, Carmen definitely did not look like she needed to get into shape.  Carmen said "ohhhhh stop."  She said "over these Holidays I've become a little bit lazy.  You should.  You want to eat and relax and have fun and enjoy it."

How is she getting in shape?  She's "started walking, just walking."  She's been walking the gorgeous canyons in Los Angeles which has "a family feel" with animals and people.

Carmen also showed off the latest addition to her family, an adorable cat named Nana.  Ellen showed off photos of Carmen's cat wearing a range of bowties, hats and costumes.

Carmen said "I swore I would never be that person and I've become the dress up the animal person."  Carmen said she gets joy out of dressing up the cat and "she's beautiful."  She also told Ellen her cat is "a Scorpio."

The main reason Carmen was on the show was to show off her new line of naughty gifts for Spencers Gift including red pasties, naughty dice and handcuffs, to name a few of Carmen's gift line.

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