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Jessica Simpson's Glam Pony Hairstyle

How To Copy Jessica Simpson's Glam Pony Hairstyle

Jessica Simpson has always been vocal about her love and support for sister Ashlee.

When Ash performed in her Broadway Debut as Roxie Hart back at the end of 2009 the blonde reality TV star was there to lend support.  She also attended an after party celebration at INC Lounge/Time Hotel for her baby sis.

Jessica who has her own HairDo add-on hair line can dress up a pony in the blink of an eye.  I found this image of her with her glamed up pony in my favorites file this morning and decided to blog some How To tips.

(Image of Jessica Simpson - DC Media - All Rights Reserved)

The native Texan has naturally wavy hair which she normally allows to air dry ultimately amping up her texture.  When Jess wants a more finished hairstyle she will utilize an appropriate styling cocktail of products and blow dry for the desired finish.

Although Jessica's long term celeb hairdresser is often on hand to coif her hair, it's a well-known secret that Jess often does her own hair with spectacular results.

Steal Jessica's Glam Pony

If your hair is naturally wavy or curly and you want to copy Jessica's glam style pony apply a styling cocktail of defrisant mixed with mousse or straightening balm (depending on your natural texture) to newly cleansed towel blotted and detangled tresses.

Comb the cocktail through strands from roots to ends. Blow dry with a round or paddle brush and a concentrator.  Once hair is 100% dry add the desired part and/or fringe then complete the following steps:

1. Using fingers or 100% boar bristle brush direct hair off the face towards back of your crown.

Note how a few select strands of Jessica's hair are slightly loosed adjacent to her hairline.  This is to create a slightly tousled look that doesn't detract from the overall hairstyle.

2. Capture hair into a back pony with the base falling approximately 2-3" above the nape of the neck. Attach a hair friendly Blax or Bungee band to hold pony base in place.

3. Take a small section of hair adjacent to the ponytail base and wrap it around the base of the pony to cover the band and create a more glamazon hair look.

4. Criss-cross two bobby pins to secure the hair covering base down underneath the pony.

5. Use a 1-inch curling iron to curl individual 2" sections of the pony. After unwrapping each newly formed curl wrap around your finger to reform curl and pin against the scalp to cool.

6. Once all of the ponytail hair is curled, spritz curls with hair spray or gel.  Don't overdo with spray to avoid getting a stick or crunchy look.  It's key for hair to be soft yet finished.

7. Unpin all the curls one at a time. Use your fingers to arrange and gently loosen them.  Do not brush the curls unless you want just a hint of texture.

8. For added shine apply 1-2 drops of serum or shine spray to the palms of your hands and carefully mix together. Lightly brush your hands over the top of the pony for added gleam.

If you wish to dress up your finished pony add a jeweled ponytail holder in lieu of the hair wrapped about the Blax or Bungee band.  After you have the hairstyle the way you desire you may wish to lift 1-3 strands adjacent to the hairline to get that hint of tousle Jessica showcases with her Broadway pony.

This final pony can be dressed up or down by adding smaller or larger curls. A tiny braid could also be added across the hairline or the front of the hairline could be dressed up with a soft hair bump. Go sleeker, go bigger or go softer. It's totally up to you.

Don't have enough hair to pull into a pony?  Never mind, invest in a clip-in ponytail or beautiful hair extension.

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