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Blue Nail Polish Hues Shimmer On Summer Nails

Fashion and hair trendsetter Beyonce was recently seen wearing beautiful soft eggshell blue nail polish in her 'Why Don't You Love Me' video.

Fellow celebrity fashionistas like Jessica Alba have recently opted for similar blue nail hues on the red carpet. Blue nail polish not only looks striking, it will help channel the sunny days of summer and will set you apart as a fashion forward nailista.

(Image of O.P.I. - Nail Lacquer - Baby Blue - Yokohama Collection - Image by - All Rights Reserved)

Blue nail polish has been a strong lacquer trend since 2008.   In Spring of 2009 navy blue nail polishes were christened the newest, hottest hue of the season.

Chanel led the blue charge with their luxurious Blue Satin which was a deep navy blue.

Since blue became the go-to new hue for nails OPI (my personal favorite) has released a dizzying array of blues in every imaginable tone.

In fact, as I sit her blogging my own toenails and fingernails are wrapped in one of the newest Shrek blues - What's With The Cattitude.

Note: The newest Shrek Forever 2010 Collection also includes Ogre The Top Blue - Shrek Forever After Collection

(Image of O.P.I. - Whats With The Cattitude Nail Polish from the new Summer 2010 Shrek Forever Collection - Image by - All Rights Reserved)

It's a soft sensual pastel blue which works with any skin tone.  If you're not sure how any of the OPI blues will work for you, check out the OPI Nail Study which allows you to play with different hues, skin tones and nail lengths.

(Image of OPI Nail Study - Image by - All Rights Reserved)

Advantages Of Nail Polish As A Beauty Accessory

One of the reasons I love nail polish so much is because it allows me to change up my look for a reasonable price.

Although it's possible to find couture nail polish in the $19-25 range, you can also find some smashing new hues by O.P.I., Orley, SpaRituals, Essie or similar brands for anywhere from $4.50 to $10.00.

A bottle of nail polish can last a long time offering me the option to inexpensively change my nail hue at home.

(Image of O.P.I's No Room For The Blues - Image by - All Rights Reserved)

Every once in awhile I splurge on a mani/pedi.  Even then, I arrive with my own polish.  Not only is is more sanitary for germaphobes like me, I can shop for the latest shades right in The Marketplace.

Going Boldly Where You've Never Been Before

The last time I did splurge on a mani/pedi at the North Dallas Cooper Spa I opted for OPI's Teal The Cows Come Home from the Brights Collection.  Luckily I brought my own bottle because the spa didn't have that particular hue.

The color is a vibrant teal blue which looked amazing with my fair skin tone.  Even better, I got tons of compliments on the color.  Even from men.  Since I virtually live in sandals and flip flops in the Summer, it was a great way to amp up my look without breaking the bank.

(Image of Ogre The Top Blue - Shrek Forever After Collection - Image by - All Rights Reserved).

If you've never tried any shade of blue lacquer before, you may want to start slowly with the lighter pastel shades which are very popular for summer.  Or you may want to limit your use of blue to just your toes so you can take the color for a spin.

One of the reasons I love OPI so much is because they always have so many different options to select from.  The same is true with their blues.

Although I have showcased a few of OPI's hottest blue hues above, listed below are some of their other blue shades you may wish to check out for the future:

O.P.I. Designer Series - Fantasy

O.P.I. Greece Just Blew Me Away - Greek Isles Collection shown to the side - image by

O.P.I. Absolutely Alice - Alice In Wonderland Collection

O.P.I. Azure For Sure - Brights Collection

O.P.I. Blue Moon Lagoon - Summer For Shore Collection

O.P.I. Blue My Mind Brights Collection

O.P.I. Breath Of Life - American Cancer Foundation Special Hue

O.P.I. Can't You Sea?  Brights Collection

O.P.I. Catch Me In Your Net - Summer Flutter Collection

O.P.I. Dating A Royal - Mod About Brights Collection

O.P.I. Dominant Jeans - Brights Collection

O.P.I. Just Groovy - Psychedelic Summer Collection .5 fl oz (15ml)

(Image of O.P.I. Just Groovy shown above and to the side - Image by - All Rights Reserved)

O.P.I. Ink Night Brights Collection - sparkling violet-blue!

O.P.I. Play Till Midnight - Holiday-In-Toy-Land Collection - Deep midnight blue.

O.P.I. Russian Navy Matte Collection - Deep Navy in Matte.

O.P.I. Russian Navy - Russian Collection - Deep sea indigo.

O.P.I.  Sea? I Told You! SUNbelievable Collection

More Information

This blog is dedicated to Edan Kencayd who knows more about nail polish hues, fashions and trends than anyone I've ever met before.  If there's a hot new nail hue available you can bet Edan has already nabbed it and is rocking it all over town.

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