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Bette Midler Circa 1970s, 1980s, Naturally Curly Hair And Trend Setting Fashions

Maybe it's because Feng Shui-wise I have an annual 5 in my life palace, maybe it's because I have transiting Saturn skating back and forth over my natal ascendant or maybe it's because Pluto is moving towards my 4th natal house.  Who knows exactly why, but I've been in a Mrs. Clean mode for the past few months.

(Image of Bette Midler in 1980 in Hollywood, California, at an awards show, wearing white boa with natural red curls billowing out around her face - - All Rights Reserved)

As I clean and organize I'm finding all sorts of treasures I had carefully boxed up for "emergencies" or for "special moments".

Of course a hair fanatic like myself has literally hundreds (yes, really) of boxes stuffed with hair magazines, clippings of beauty tips and photos of celebs wearing their hair in unique styles.

Yesterday as I climbed my trusty step ladder to retrieve my latest box I discovered a set of now yellowing clippings of Bette Midler in the 1970s and 1980s.  In one of the photos (from the 80s) which really caught my eye, Bette was posed outside a shiny black front door of her beloved Greenwich Village town home (or apartment whatever was P.C.) at the time.   She looked stunning.

Billowing Cloud Of Red Curls

The amazing thing was Bette's hair.  Yes, she was wearing one of her trademark boa wraps, a knee length belted sheath with open toe high heel black sandals.

However, her hair literally billowed out around her face forming a red cloud of natural curls which literally dwarfed her face.  Her "big" hair actually worked in harmony with her big voluptuous boa, the big print of her dress and her pose.

(Image of Bette Midler at People's Choice Award - January 2001 - - All Rights Reserved)

I remember being shocked how small and petite she really in in person.

Of course Bette has changed her look over the years and her big voluminous curls have been smoothed, straightened and nailed sleekly down.

Great Ability To Laugh At Herself

One of the great things about Bette besides her big cloud of red natural curls exploding from a center part was her ability to laugh at herself.  She called herself "the last of the truly tacky women" and welcomed a camp following.  Her magnificent voice would belt out ballads with the best of them.

(Image of Bette Midler - 2004 - at the world premiere of Paramount's "The Stepford Wives"- - All Rights Reserved)

She also was a fashion trend setter even if when she first appeared in toreador pants, strapless lame gowns of outrageous platform shoes you could hear the critics cringe.  Bette embraced her ability to wear "trash with class" and perform "sleaze with ease."

Taming Her Natural Curls

Although time has truly tamed her wild curls, her crazy fashions and her career, she still is inspiration for many.   Her Las Vegas show, which closed at the end of January 2010 after a long and successful run was enjoyed by legions of fans.

(Image of Bette Midler - January 2010 - Final Performance in Las Vegas)

What's next for Bette?  Right now she's enjoying her life with her family in her beloved New York.

And her hair?  Well it may no longer be allowed to curl with abandon, but I for one will never forget that glorious head of bouncing shiny curls exploding around her face.

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