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Did Lady Gaga Copy Her Nude Bodysuit From Jane Fonda?

Singer Bette Midler has been in the news lately for attacking Lady Gaga for copying what she claims is her mermaid in a wheelchair act.

The reality?  A lot of entertainers get inspiration from those who have gone before them.

The Celebrity Nude Bodysuit

Case in point?  The nude bodysuit which was first worn by a sexy Jane Fonda in 1968 in Barbarella complete with sizzling hot silver boots.  Two years later in 1970 Diana Ross rocked a crazy bodysuit.  While other stars and celebs flaunted their own versions over the years, Britney Spears brought back the look in 2000.

Britney's Take On Nude Bodysuits

When Britney wore her version of the nude bodysuit many forgot that Jane Fonda has introduced it 32 years prior.  For her 2004 Onyx Hotel Tour appeared on stage wearing a white robe while she performed "Touch of My Hand" in a transparent bathtub.  During the performance she took the robe off to reveal a nude body suit with crystals which resembled her famous "Toxic" music video outfit.

For her 2011 Femme Fatale Tour Britney is again resurrecting her famous nude bodysuit.  Femme Fatale Tour costume designer Zaldy Goco told Extra that Britney was wearing a nude bodysuit as well as a "Toxic"-inspired catsuit.

Jennifer Lopez And Her Post-Baby Body

Jennifer Lopez showed off her post-baby body in a black hued suit in 2009 while a blue haired Katy Perry wore a crystal encrusted version in 2010, the same year Lady Gaga showcased her own version of the nude suit.

Rihanna At 2009  AMA Awards

The outrageous Rihanna stunned the crowd at the American Music Awards when she appeared in skin tight nude leotards beneath a bandage-like jumpsuit.

(Image of Heather Morris on the Britney Tribute Episode on Glee - Fox/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Pink At 2010 Grammy Awards

Pink, pre-pregnancy, wore a daring nude body suit embellished with outlines for her spin above the star studded crowd at the 2010 The Grammy Awards.  The singer who wore her hair in a white platinum blonde short spiked hairstyle performed "Glitter In The Air."

Of course the outrageous Nicki Minaj, on the 2011 Femme Fatale Tour with Britney, has adopted the trend adding her own version of embellishments.

Celebrity Hairstyles With Nude Body Suits

While Jane wore her blonde tresses long and wavy with her trend making suit, Diana wore her hair in a short Afro.

Brit and Jennifer Lopez wore long lush tresses cascading down over their shoulders while Katy, Lady Gaga and Nicki all went with their own versions of outrageous wigs.

Katy wore bright blue, Gaga went with a white platinum hue with the wig piled high up on her head.  Nicki wore a baby duck yellow wig with a full fringe.

Has anyone besides Bette and Lady Gaga done a mermaid in a wheelchair?  Maybe, but we know for sure that if Bette shows up in a nude bodysuit that Jane Fonda has dibs on that one.

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