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Shear Genius 3's Janine Jarman Dishes About Brig

On Monday, March 22nd, I had a fabulous 40 minute chat with Shear Genius 3 (SG3) competitor Janine Jarman.  I've known Janine since she first opened her Hairroin Salon and actually attended a Red Carpet event at her salon in the Spring of 2009.

Of course my first topic of conversation with Janine was Brig.  I asked Janine if all the Brig-Janine-Matthew drama shown on the SG3 episodes was real or just part of the show?

(Image of Janine Jarman - Shear Genius 3 - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Janine answered "no" the truth of the matter was "when all the SG3 competitors were hanging out in their condos between filming",  Brig "pretty much kept to herself."  Janine explained "there really wasn't any big Brig drama off screen" and in reality, "all of the SG3 stylists got along really well."

So my visions of Brig and Janine rolling around in a crazy cat fight off-air were just in my head?   Yes, just in my head.  Any Brig and Janine drama was ultimately edited to punch up the show and make it more entertaining.  After all, Shear Genius 3 is reality TV and people want to be entertained.

Janine, who is as adorable and funny in person as she is on SG3, told me "Brig is a different kind of personality who was just doing her own thing.  During show down times Brig did a lot of arts and crafts and her own little (sewing) projects" while the rest of the SG3 hairdressers played board games and "did a lot of cooking and hanging out."

(Image of Brig Van Auten - Shear Genius 3 - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

So what about Janine's on-air comment that Brig was like Napolean Dynamite?  She explained her comment by saying at times "Brig seemed awkward" and didn't seem to "quite fit in" with the rest of the hairstylists.

Janine said Brig at times would act in a manner like she thought she was being funny, but she really wasn't.

Janine said Brig bonded with Amy "who is very sweet" and April "who was fun and very talented as a hairdresser."

The Shear Genius 3 stylists had two condos in downtown LA segregated into male and female lodgings.   Ultimately Janine and Brig were the only two females left in the final four.  The two roomed together and there was no problems between them but they also were close.

Brian Eliminated Before Brig?

With Brian recently being eliminated I asked Janine if she was shocked he was sent home and Brig was allowed to stay.  She said "when the cameras were off Brig was different" than "when the cameras was on" and "Brig was playing the game."

(Image of Brig - Shear Genius 3 - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Janine said in her opinion "Brig would be a better actress than a hair stylist" and she believes Brian was sent home before Brig because of the drama and excitement Brig added to the show by her clothing and her acting.

Janine Adored Brian

Janine noted "I adore Brian.  He's very talented, a great hairdresser and the biggest heart in the world.  A great guy."  Janine and Brian are still in touch.  In fact, Janine is in touch with everyone from SG3 except Brig.

Janine explained her biggest problem with Brig on the SG3 show was how she would "jack up the hair of her SG3 models."  Both Matthew and Janine were equally upset about some of the haircuts and hair colors dispensed by Brig throughout the competition.

Janine specifically referred to the ShortCut Challenge where Brig took a razor to the head of a naturally curly haired model and cut it so short in the back above the neck "it would be a nightmare for the model to grow out."

Personally though, Janine had no problems with Brig.  Have they stayed in touch?  No, but Janine "has no hard feelings and wishes Brig well". Janine said Brig has a salon in "Simi Valley, California."  However, she expressed doubts about Brig's hairdressing skills compared to her other skills in arts, crafts and her performances on the SG3 show.

Brig's Hair The Color Of Gatorade

I asked Janine what color Brig's hair really was because it looks orange on the show.  Janine said Brig's hair is the color of "Gatorade" and is pretty close to what it appears on screen.

Did Brig had hair pieces and wigs to create all those different hairstyles which all had the same color?  Janine said "yes, Brig brought clip-ins and hair pieces and accessories" to create the different hairstyles she wore. Janine did not do Brig's hair but she did Matthew's hair and he did hers.  Everyone did each other's hair.  Afterall, they were hairdressers.  That's what they do.

How well I know that gig.  In cosmetology school during breaks we would all be messing with each other's hair to try different styles.

Wonder Twin Label

I wondered if Janine had a problem being called the "Wonder Twin" along with Matthew?  Yes she "hated it" and also didn't like how Brig called her Ja-mean.

Janine said she has always been extremely positive and determined and even in high school she was dissed for being such an upbeat person.  So yes, she definitely does not like the nickname.

Bad Blogger Attacks

What else bothers Janine?  "The bloggers" who trash the SG3 hairdressers without really understanding what goes on with the show and all the pressures they are under.  Janine said she and many of the other SG3 stylists "avoid reading any blogs" that are mean, vicious or just hateful.

She told me that going into SG3 she and the other SG3 contestants had no idea that they would be attacked by bloggers and it was shocking to her.  She said it makes you feel vulnerable and you really don't think going into the show the type of scrutiny they received would happen.

I told her I had read some of the mean blogs and indeed, they were certainly out of control.  We talked about a few of the bloggers and why they might be hating on the SG3 contestants.  It was interesting to hear her perspective.  Indeed, how would those bloggers feel if the tables were turned?

Vote For Janine For Shear Genius 3 Fan Favorite

Janine reminded me that she hopes people who love the show will remember to vote for her as Fan Favorite.  I promised to include a link to the site where everyone can go and vote for their SG3 fan favorites.

If you love Janine as much as I do, please go to:

On the left side of the screen where it says Vote, go to the page which shows photos of all the SG3 contestants and please consider voting for Janine.  You will need to enter a cell phone number but Bravo promises not to spam you.

Don't forget to watch Shear Genius 3 tonight on Bravo/TV.  Check your local listings for times.

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