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Ellen Pompeo's Husband Wears Underwear With Ellen On It

Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey of ABC's Grey's Anatomy) was a guest on Ellen Degeneres show.  Ellen made a point of bowing and waving to the audience.  Ellen Pompeo also turned and waved to Tony, the DJ and smiled at him as she stood next to Ellen Degeneres.

(Image of Ellen Pompeo's Husband Chris with Baby Stella Luna - The Ellen Degeneres Show - All Rights Reserved).

Ellen Pompeo who had her blonde hair cascading down around her shoulders in waves was wearing a pair of tight jeans and a long black flowing satin over shirt.   Ellen Pompeo (Ellen P for short) said to Ellen Degeneres (Ellen D for short) about Tony "I wondering what he was going to play for my entrance.  You know, you never know with him."  Tony was laughing. Ellen Degeneres said "no, you never do."

Ellen Pompeo said "we've got a past (her and Tony) soooo."  Tony said "we do."

Ellen Degeneres "you guys used to live together."  Ellen P "of course"  Ellen P and Ellen D chimed in "not in that way"  Ellen Degeneres "but you were roommates."  Ellen Pompeo "yes"  Ellen Degeneres "that's very cool, isn't it."

Ellen P:  "It is."  Ellen D "Look at that. It's a reunion." Tony clapped his hands and said "awwww"

Ellen D "And since you've been here you've gotten married and had a baby and hows that?"  Ellen P to Ellen D "as did you.  Congratulations"

Ellen D "I didn't have a baby."  Ellen P "Oh you didn't have a baby, no."  Ellen D "Everybody's like 'when did she have a baby?"  Ellen P started laughing "ohhhhh noooo."  Ellen D "yes I got married also. I've been married a year."

Ellen D "how long have you been married?"  Ellen P said "two years."  Ellen D "Two years, congratulations."  Ellen P "Thank you, same to you."

Ellen D "And how old is your baby?"  Ellen P "She's four months."  A photo was shown of Ellen Pompeo and her husband and then a photo of Ellen's husband holding their four month old little baby girl.  The audience went awwwwww."

Ellen D said "Four months old.  You look fantastic."  Ellen P "Thank you."

Ellen P saw the photo of husband and baby and said "There she is.  There she is.  Isn't she a doll?  You know Chris (her husband) loves dressing her up like him.  Sooooo.  It's always really like every day.  It's like 'look, we look alike.'  So he goes out and buys her clothes that look like his clothes."

Ellen D "Ohh god. And her name is?"  Ellen P "Stella Luna, four months old."

Ellen D "Stella Luna, four months old. Now how in the world are you working?  You must have help?"  Ellen P groaned and laughed and said "I do.  I do.  I have an amazing baby nurse and her name is Elva."

Ellen P waved and said 'Hi Elva.  We love Elva'  I couldn't to it without her."

Ellen D "Somebody back there,  should we say hi to Elva as well?"  Ellen P "No, she's not here.  But she's definitely watching.  She watches every day faithfully."

Ellen D "Oh that's sweet.  Hi Elva."

Ellen D "And I understand that's the first picture.  No one's seen that picture before (of the baby).  The Papparrazzi must be going crazy and now all of a sudden they don't have to go crazy anymore because now we've seen the baby."  Ellen P agreed, shaking her head up and down."

Ellen P "Yes!  But I owe it to you.  I have to give you the first picture because I get to leave her with underwear with my name on them (Ellen Degeneres always gives out Ellen underwear to all her guests)  that my husband will wear around and it's such a great ego boost."

Ellen D "Yes, exactly!"  Ellen P "Welll, he runs around the house in the Ellen underwear.  You know, it's the highlight of my life."

Ellen D "It works out well with the name Ellen because it works for you.  So now this is going to work well too because I got something for Stella to wear and it will work for both of us."

Ellen D gave Ellen P a little white baby onesie with a red heart on it that said I Heart Ellen.  Ellen D said "Now you have those and the Ellen underwear."

Ellen D said "It really does work well for you around her.  You should really come around her more often."  Ellen P was laughing and having a great time with Ellen D.  Ellen P said "It does (work out well) and I should come more often."

Ellen P "We have more in common than just our names."  Ellen D "Well, so for really it just is that."  Ellen P "Thank you.  Well we both got married."

Ellen D "Yeah.  That's true, exactly. But now anything we have left over with Ellen on it I'll just give it to you.  Because you haven't been here in a long, long time."

Ellen P "I know.  Three years.  I'm sorry." Ellen D "How come?" Ellen P "I don't know.  And the show is so good too.  Lately.  I mean it's just amazing.  Really it's amazing."

Ellen D "We have fun."  Ellen P "Yeah."

Ellen D "We have a good show, we have a fun show, we don't have any scandals.  Nothing happens around here."

Ellen P "Not like on Grey's Anatomy."  Ellen D "What's happening.  There's no scandal right now.  What's happening with y'all?

Ellen P "Take a deep breath and wait five minutes and I'm sure something will happen,"  Ellen D "You think so?"

Ellen P  "Yeah, well I hope not but you know our show.  It's always something."  Ellen D "Yeah"

Ellen P "I don't know what it is."  Ellen D "But you're having fun?"

Ellen P "Yeah, we're having fun.  It's a blessed life.  You know.  It's a great way to make a living.  Despite all the.  There's trouble in every world. You just don't hear about it."  Ellen D "Right, like you do with television."

Ellen P "Yeah, right."  Ellen D "And Jessica Capshaw was here yesterday."  Ellen P "Oh she was."

Ellen D "Lovely"  Ellen P "Lovely girl. Jess is such a fun addition."

Ellen D "And she tried out three times for that show and finally made it.  Sooo.  That good."

Ellen P "Good, yeah."

Ellen D "But anyway, I'm so thrilled that you're here and we're going to play a game after this that's going to be challenging for both of us. It's called 'Last Word'."

Ellen P "Right, OK.  Yeah.  OK"  Ellen D "With my foggy sugar absent head."  Ellen P "And my foggy mama head."

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