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Ellen Degeneres Pledges To Kick Sugar

On Tuesday's show (2/2/10) talk show hostess Ellen Degeneres told her audience she was officially giving up sugar.

Ellen said "We're getting closer to my second job starting up - American Idol.  So one week from today you'll start seeing me on Hollywood Week which I did a couple of weeks ago.  Very exciting, very exciting.  And in three weeks I'm going to start doing both jobs.  I will be doing this job, and shooting earlier to accommodate because then I have to get in my car and drive over and do Idol, live."

Ellen bent over to simulate exhaustion and said "Sooo, because of that schedule that's coming, I've made a decision.  And I thought at the time it was a good decision.  And it's probably still a good decision."

Ellen said "But once I made a commitment, I go through with it.  You've seen my mullet.  I made this decision and I'll share it with you now.  I am going to stop eating, starting this morning, I stopped eating sugar.  Completely, for the rest of the season.  No sugar, nothing.  OK.  I'm already,  I can already feel something going on and its only been since this morning, last evening officially."

Ellen continued "It's really hard (to give up sugar).  But sugar is a false high.  You think it's getting you hopped up and it doesn't.  It actually makes you crash.  So I want pure energy, I want to be healthy.  I started doing Pilates this morning, I'm doing Yoga tomorrow.  Everyday.  I'm getting.  'Come on Simon, Come on' as she pretended to box.

Ellen said "Because I need energy, right?  When you really look into this. No sugar.  It means giving up everything.  There's sugar in everything.  There is sugar in cake you guys.  Yeah.  So nothing.  No alcohol.  No nothing.  No sugar for the entire.....I know.  So you think wine, that's grapes so that's sugar.  But vodka, that's a potato."

She explained "anyway, I did a little research to find out.  I like to know what I'm doing when I'm going to do something.  And I found out there may be some side effects of going off sugar and here are a few of the sides effects (of going off sugar)."

Ellen proceeded to read the withdrawal effects of sugar ("I may be experiencing") with possible side effects:

1.  Sweating for no apparent reason

2.  The Jitters

3.  Low energy

4.  Crankiness

5.  Depression

6.  Anxiousness

7.  Strange dreams

8.  Boredom

9.  Overspending

10.  Overeating

11.  Lack of motivation

12.  Need for heavy deep naps that can last up to 4 hours

Ellen asked her audience to "do it with her" and she said that kicking sugar "was going to be a lot of fun.  Really a lot of fun."  She said "the reason I'm telling you this is that I don't want you to turn on the show all of a sudden and see, you know, and be frightened if you see me sweaty and cranky while I'm taking a nap.  That just means it's working."

Ellen said "I've been wanting to do it for awhile" but she explained due to her birthday and Portia's birthday she couldn't do it.  She also gave some humorous examples of why she couldn't start before now.

Ellen said "why should I suffer alone.  Ultimately we're all feel better" She really encouraged her viewers to watch her as she goes through her sugar busting journey.

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