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Valerie Bertinelli Tells Bonnie Hunt She's Been Dieting For 30 Years

Jenny Craig spokesperson Valerie Bertinelli was a guest on Bonnie Hunt today.  Of course anyone who watches the show knows that Bonnie has been battling her own weight and often mentions it both seriously and in jest.

Bonnie introduced Valerie by referencing the fact "we watched our first guest grow up on the hit series One Day At A Time and since that she has gone on to become a best selling author and written her second book, Finding It And Satisfying My Hunger For Life Without Opening The Fridge."

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Valerie look gorgeous in tight black pants and soft top with her long rich red tresses worn long and curled past her shoulders.

Valerie told Bonnie "I finally get to meet you, I've been wanting to be on your show for a year.  I love this show.  Is it not great?"

After talking about the power comedy had in Bonnie's life, Valerie brought up Bonnie's mom and how funny she always is.  Bonnie said "what a character, huh, she cracks me up."  Valerie agreed "I love her, she's pretty funny."

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Bonnie said to Valerie "you hear this all the time, how fabulous you look, but to me you've always looked great, at any weight you were."  Bonnie continued " but I know definitely from a personal standpoint the weight thing...I just know."

Valerie said "ughhhh"

Weight Concerns Growing Up In The Business

Bonnie said "I can't imagine having grown up in this business, because I know what it's done to me even as an adult.  You don't really want to think that way but feel like you're that shallow but it effects you."

Valerie agreed "you don't want to think, it's just about y body but it's the first thing people judge you by, but I don't know if it's actually being in the business that made me more aware of my body or is it just, unfortunately knowing teen age girls, the teen age girls I know it''s teen-age girls,  it affects teen-age girls, the ones I know, and they're not even in the business.  So I don't know, that stupid voice we have in our head that doesn't tell us the correct thing."

Covering Up Excess Weight In Chicago

Bonnie said "that's true and I do think it's bigger now than it's ever been. I think its the inundation constantly of images in our path.  Because when I'm in Chicago I don't worry about it."

Valerie teased "that's because when you're in Chicago it's so freaking cold your all covered up."  Bonnie said "ohhhh thanks a lot.  WOW. No, No but I of course believe I would need to be covered up (referring to her extra body weight)."

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Valerie said "Oh nooo, don't go there."  Bonnie explained "oh no, but of course I do."

Valerie said "well if they compare you to someone and think they look heavier than you you think oohhhhh do I look that?  So yeah, I know what you're saying.  I made no sense just then.  Didn't I?"

On A Diet For 30 Years

Bonnie disagreed "oh no, you always make sense." She continued "isn't it tough to be on the journey, what is it, when you call so much attention to the actual journey of weight loss doesn't it make it, do you think about it all the time, are you worried about it all the time?"

Valerie explained "I don't know if I think about it all the time.  I think about it probably no more than I thought about it for the 30 years I've been dieting.  I mean it's always that constant grating thing in your head like should I put this in my mouth or afterwards when you put it in your mouth...should I have done that? I think it's always going to be that way (for the rest of her life).  This is the first time I've actually kept the weight off as long as I have though."

95% of All People Gain Weight Back After Five Years

Valerie mentioned her famous Jenny Craig bikini ad and said she was glad it's Winter because she has six months before she has to put the bikini on again.

Valerie attempted to knock on wood and teased about Bonnie's desk.  She continued "I think I'm just, 95% of people who lose weight gain it back within five years and then some.  They gain back more.  So I don't want to be that statistic anymore so I'm going work real hard."

Changing Her Metabolism

Bonnie asked Val about how she changed her metabolism and Valerie said "well I'm running now..I run a lot more now."

Bonnie teased Val and asked if that "was okay" for her.  Valerie said "I'm not that old" and Bonnie explained the concern for wear and tear on the knees.  Valerie explained that she ices her knees after she runs.."at the end of a long run."

Valerie said "it keeps the weight off a lot easier obviously food is 85% percent of it."  She said she "wants to slit her wrist the first 20 minutes of running because it's hell."

She ran a half marathon in July and is training to run a full marathon in six months.

Bonnie offered to run the next marathon with Valerie.  When Valerie told Bonnie about her next marathon and that Bonnie had "six months to change"  Bonnie said "Okay, get more more of those cookies."

Bonnie teased that she could start her training "tomorrow."

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