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Valerie Bertinelli Rocks Glam Hairstyle

Beautiful brunette actress Valerie Bertinelli is certainly living the good life.  The stunning star who turned 51 on April 23rd was on Ellen a few weeks ago discussing how much she loves her life, being newly married, her Jenny Craig engineered body and her ongoing role on the Hot In Cleveland TV series with Betty White.   Hot In Cleveland begins its third season on June 15th.

On Saying Yes To Getting Married

Valerie wasn't in any hurry to get married.  She told Ellen "well I've been living with the guy for almost 7 years so I figured 'why get married?' She continued "but then when someone proposes to you and you really love em, you gotta say yes."

Ellen wanted to know how Valerie's new husband proposed.  The actress explained "we were on our first trip ever to Italy, and we're both Italian so I don't know why it was our first trip.  I'm 50, I'm finally going to Italy.  We were in Florence and it was like the sunset, we'd just had dinner and it was a crappy dinner which is really not OK in Italy.  So we went back to our room and I was reading Time magazine, I wanted to get through a bunch of Time Magazines I brought with me on the trip.  Real romantic aren't I?" 

She said she was trying to read and "he had a little glint in his eye and laying next to her on the bed and  "I was like, 'stop it, leave me alone' and I was like 'really I just want to read this magazine' and then I closed my eyes and he but this little box on my chest and it was from Tiffany's." 

Valerie then told him he spent too much money on her ring.  She paused and said to Ellen "I don't know why he married me?"

On Keeping The Weight Off

Ellen noted that Valerie had kept the weight off she had lost.  Valerie said "I think we're all good at dieting.  All of us know how to diet and lose the weight.  We all know how to do that.  It's the maintenance that's really difficult."

Valerie explained that "this is the longest I've kept the weight off as long as I have."  Her secret? "Jenny Craig.  For me it's Jenny Craig.  I just signed a deal to stay with them longer.  For three more years."

Turning 50

Valerie told Ellen she decided to run The Boston Marathon because she wanted to remember something about turning 50.

How does she feel about turning 50?  For Valerie "it's just a number.  If I knew I was going to feel this good and my life was going to be this amazing at 50, I'd have turned 50 a long time ago."  She said "I pinch myself that this is my life right now."

Hot In Cleveland

Valerie adores working with Betty White and noted "she just turned 89 in January."  Valerie said Betty is "funny and scary quick.  we'll be rehearsing and she'll say something out of the blue that's raunchy and fun and funny and we all start giggling.  To make her (Betty) giggle and cry is...we all get high on that actually." 

The third season of Hot In Cleveland was picked up for 22 full episodes.

Going Naked

Valerie admitted to Ellen that she and her husband enjoy walking about the house completely naked.  Afterall, she told Ellen she's feeling good about her body and "sort of proud of in the right light" and it's so freeing to be able to walk downstairs to get a cup of coffee without having to put something on.  When it's an empty house with just the cats, why not?

With a body like Valerie has due to Jenny Craig and all that amazing cascading chocolate brown tresses, why not?

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