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Oliver Hudson Dished About Mom Goldie Hawn

Oliver Hudson, the actor son of Goldie Hawn was visiting with Bonnie Hunt on Bonnie's April 13th show. Bonnie complimented him on his "sense of timing" and she told him he had really great timing.

He teased her and told her "no one has ever told me that before."  Bonnie said "really?"  Oliver, with a serious face said "no".  Bonnie laughed.  She said he was a very "sweet" young man although he is married and has a son.

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Bonnie and Oliver discussed Oliver's mom, Goldie Hawn.  Bonnie pointed out that although many people remember Goldie from Laugh-In as a major ditz, in reality she is a brilliant woman.  Oliver agreed and said the perception and reality of his mom is not aligned.

He said she does have her moments of being ditzy but she is also very smart and has paved the way for women in films.  Bonnie agreed and said she always looked ahead to see what Goldie had already done (in the field of comedy and producing).

Oliver told Bonnie that Kurt and his mom showed them about being normal.  He said he "remembers being 4 and 5 years old and walking through airports and being"  mobbed by reporters.  He said it has only gotten worse over the years and that even his sister Kate can't really leave her front door without being swarmed by photographers.  He said trying to have a normal life in those circumstances can be difficult but his mom tried hard to set grounds for normacly.

Oliver talked to Bonnie about Wilder, his little boy, who is now 17 months old.  The Bonnie Hunt producers showed a few photos of Oliver's little boy.  Wilder is adorable and has shocking red hair.

Bonnie asked Oliver how he met his wife.  Oliver said  "he met his wife through mutual friends." When they first met each of them each had a different boyfriend/girlfriend and when they had broken up with their respective partners, they eventually got together.  He said they had also been in the same acting classes and "it was a timing thing."

Bonnie said "you're a young guy" and she wanted to know why being in Hollywood with all the gorgeous ladies he was willing to settle down and get marrie.  Oliver said he has "been with his wife for eight years.  He said they took it very slow."  He explained they dated for three years before getting engaged and were engaged for awhile before getting married.  Of course now they have a son and Bonnie pointed out the timeline has accelerated.  Oliver agreed.

Bonnie and Oliver also discuss their mutual love of poker.  Oliver told Bonnie he has been in some poker tournaments.  He explained he was on the "featured table on ESPN" and in the very "first hand of the tournament" he "lost $10,000".  He said he had a hat on and dark glasses, to look really cool.  He told Bonnie he was ready to be there (at the poker table) for 14-16 hours.  Oliver said "you can see it on TV, I bust out the first hand.  It's the saddest thing."

Oliver was playing with Sammy Farrah.  He told Bonnie he "flopped a Full House but Sammy Farrah blopped a bigger Full House" and Bonnie was gone.  He said after he left the poker table he "called my wife".  My wife said "where are you."  Oliver said "I found myself walking the streets of Las Vegas in a daze."  He also told Bonnie "I've never worn glasses playing poker again."

Bonnie told the audience to watch Oliver in the third season of Rules Of Engagement on CBS which Oliver co-stars in.

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