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Kate Hudson's Calfornia Cool Flirty Ponytail

Kate Hudson was recently a guest on Ellen's talk show looking chic in a high swingy ponytail.

Ellen dedicated the entire show to pregnant mothers and since Kate is very pregnant, due in July with her second child, she was a great celebrity guest.  Of course there are so many celebrities who are pregnant right now Ellen probably had her pick.

The actress was an appropriate choice because she has a new movie, Something Borrowed, which opened on Friday (5/6/11).

Dressed in a long sleeved, knee-length flowy gown with stunning heels, Kate's blonde tresses were pulled back off her face, except for a few stray wisps and then pulled into a flirty long pony a few inches below her crown.

The California cool flirty pony bounced as she walked and talked.  The top of the ponytail looked like it had been slightly finger-raked to give it a very cool and tousled appeal.  The tail itself had been curled and loose ringlets were scattered throughout the length.

The bubbly blonde California girl revealed she is keeping the baby's sex a surprise until delivery.  However, she told Ellen that she suspects it may be a girl.   Not only has the pregnancy been different than her first one with her son Ryder, but she said this baby "pushes down more.  It is way more active than Ryder".

The daughter of Goldie Hawn told Ellen "I think that everything has been so different that it is a girl. And it [pointing to her stomach] definitely doesn't belong to me anymore."

Although she told Ellen "everything is making me cry these days.  Everything" she still retained her love of fashion.  Ellen asked why the actress was wearing "shoes like that" which were very high stillettos.  Ellen admitted "you look fantastic" but wondered why Kate would be wearing shoes "like that.  You don't have to wear shoes like that" when you're pregnant.

Kate replied "I love high heels.  Yeah.  I'm really into them."  Why now when she has an altered sense of balance?  Kate told Ellen "because they make you look longer.  If there's any time to look longer."

Ellen asked if Kate's feet were swelling due to her pregnancy.  The actress said no but that her face recently started to swell and that's how she knew she was really pregnant.

Kate also told Ellen she really didn't care all that much about fashion now although she loves her high heels.

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