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Conan O'Brien Reportedly Offered $30 Million To Vacate Tonight Show

The drama continues to swirl around Conan O'Brien and his fight over his NBC "Tonight Show".  Who isn't talking about it?   The latest buzz?  NBC is going to pay Conan off toe vacate his "Tonight Show" spot.

Bonnie Hunt asked actor Fred Willard on his show this week what his take was on Jay Leno, Conan and the current NBC situation.

Bonnie said "Hey, you know, I often saw you on the Leno Show when he was on "The Tonight Show" what do you think about everything going on over there?"  Fred said "ohhh, it's a disaster.  You know I wish the head of the network (NBC) would call me.  You're asking me, thank you.  I'd get right on the phone 'here's my opinion.  Helloooo.  Hellooo' and he simulated being hung up on.

Bonnie Hunt Pushes Fred Willard To Share Opinion About NBC & "Tonight Show" Controversy

Bonnie "no really what is your opinion?  You were on "The Tonight Show."  Fred "I do have an opinion.  I love Jay.  I've never seen anyone who can craft a joke like he could.  I think they moved him out of his comfortable time slot.  They moved poor Conan up.  I used to watch Conan."

He continued "I would love it because you almost felt like you were eavesdropping on a little show, a little hip show that not many people were watching.  Now he's in a big arena.  Jay's like almost in a stadium, Jimmy Fallon is terrific and he comes on what?  12:30 or 1:00?  And there's a lot of talent."

Fred Willard then said "I think we need someone like you (Bonnie Hunt) in that late night there."  Bonnie was thrilled "oohhhhh wow."  Fred continued "I know everyone is saying 'good idea but where do we put her?'

Has NBC Offered To Pay Off Conan With $30 Million Dollars?

What's the truth to the latest buzz that NBC has reportedly agreed to pay late night talk show host Conan O'Brien $30 million to vacate the 11:35 p.m. Tonight Show?  Conan's publicist Leslee Dart told The Wrap: "Nothing (is) signed yet. Those figures are not accurate."

The Wrap also reports, "Under this proposal, the sooner O'Brien starts a new gig - if he starts one - the less money it would have to pay. So if Conan managed to land a new job at Fox within a year, the Peacock might shell out less than the full $30 million."

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