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Ellen Degeneres Guest Stars On Oprah And Unveils Third Cover Of O Magazine

Oprah Winfrey had Ellen Degeneres on her show today (Monday, November 9, 2009) to celebrate the co-cover shoot for the current cover of O Magazine.

Ellen came out dancing to a Lady GaGa tune in her classic trademark suit, black jacket and black pants with a classic white tailored shirt.

(Image of Ellen Degeneres - - All Rights Reserved).

When Oprah and Ellen sat down to talk Oprah said she was happy that were not real friends instead of just celebrity friends.  Ellen teased Oprah and said she always wanted to be closer.

Oprah mentioned that Ellen's quest to be on the cover of O Magazine started as a joke.  Right?  Maybe not so much.  At any rate, Oprah showed all of Ellen's antics to get her attention about wanting to be on Oprah's cover.

Oprah said that her staff all watched the shows and Ellen's tricks to get there attention and she said "I almost didn't want it to end" because it was so entertaining.

Ellen said her original goal was to "get on the cover" of O Magazine.  She told Oprah, now that she is on the cover her new goal is to "make it the biggest selling issue of all time."

How did Ellen start this idea of getting on the cover of O when no one besides Oprah had ever been on the cover?  She told Oprah "I was sick of the same old New Year's Eve Resolution. I thought it was impossible.  And I like challenges and I decided I would keep doing it (her pranks) until I got on."

Oprah said "when you saw the First Lady on the cover what did you think?"  Ellen said "I thought how dare you."  Ellen teased Oprah and said that Oprah had "stolen the idea from her."

Ellen said about Michelle Obama "I thought that was amazing and that was a great cover."  Oprah wondered if when Ellen say The First Lady on the cover of O whether or not she thought it would help her to get on O.   Ellen said "no".

For Halloween Ellen wore a copy of O Magazine.

Ellen confessed that she thought wearing the big O Magazine costume caused her to "throw out her back."  Oprah said she loved the bit where Ellen hid in the bathroom and scared people.

Ellen said "it's so much fun to scare people and I like to play.  I think it's important to stay childlike, which is why she did it."

Ellen's personal camera crew documented what happened at the photo shoot with Oprah and Ellen.  Oprah show the film from "behind the scene."  Ellen was talking on camera and said "it's all about the clothes."

There a moment when Oprah met Sadie, Oprah's dog.  Ellen also met with Gayle.

Oprah told Ellen she "loved her hair" and Ellen offered Oprah a visit "with Serge" her hairdresser.

Ellen said "I can show my glamorous side on O and I said 'sure' as she was getting wrapped up from bottom to top with Christmas Lights."

The film crew showed Portia standing in the wings and Ellen said "there's my wife over there.:  She said "hi baby."  Portia also took photos of Oprah and Ellen together all in white.

Oprah said this is an "iconic issue."  Ellen said "I only wanted one cover and look what I got."  In reality there are three Oprah and Ellen covers.

Ellen said "I have 1,500 copies of the magazine that are not yet on the stands yet" and thought "it would be fun to give them out."  Ellen said "we tweeted, meet us at The Watertower Park."  Ellen said "Oprah knows everything, there's nothing she doesn't know."

Ellen and Oprah walked through Chicago on Michigan Avenue.  Ellen told Oprah, "don't be nervous but there'll be a crowd."  Ellen had a bullhorn and was telling the crowds to say Prah after she said O."

It appeared that Ellen and Oprah had a great time with the crowds.  Ellen told the crowd "I licked every single issue."  Ellen said "if you don't like the magazine Oprah will buy you a car."

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