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Mustela 9 Months Offers First Complete Line For Moms-To-Be

Mustela® Skin Care Products Utilize Natural Ingredients

Mustela®, the skin care specialist for babies and mothers-to-be, developed the Mustela 9 Months® line to address the unique changes women experience during pregnancy.

The six product Mustela 9 Months® line is the only complete skin care line especially created for expectant women and utilizes natural ingredients in its patented formulation.

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The individual products, developed by Mustela's parent company Expanscience Laboratories, the sixth largest pharmaceutical company in France, help women prepare their bodies for pregnancy as well as help them return to their pre-baby shape.

Common Concerns During Pregnancy

"During pregnancy, women will notice changes in their appearance that they have never before experienced," comments  Dr. Richard S. Taubman, Clinical Instructor Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Associate Attending Ob/Gyn, Long Island Jewish Hospital.

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"Many expectant women may also begin to feel discomfort in various parts of their body, and almost all mothers-to-be are looking for ways to feel better and look better during their pregnancy."

Two of the major changes women experience during pregnancy are tissue distension as well as skin hypersensitivity, and nearly all (96%) expectant mothers are concerned with the way their skin looks.

Topping the list of concerns are stretch marks, which are present in 60-80% of all pregnant women; over 50% experience tender breasts and heavy, tired legs, while approximately one third of all expectant mothers have dry irritated skin. The three key ingredients found in the

Mustela 9 Months® line addresses these very conditions and concerns.

Three Natural Ingredients Create Unique Formulation

Mustela 9 Months® addresses the physical changes during pregnancy through a unique blend of three natural, specific active ingredients which help to promote the elasticity of the skin while reducing the hypersensitivity so many women experience.

Chlorophycea extract from green algae minimizes the skin's sensitivity, while Lupeol (from the lupin plant) stimulates collagen production and ensures the good quality of naturally synthesized collagen. Elastoregulator®, a soy derivative, reinforces the skin's elasticity by promoting the production of collagen and elastin. Both the Elastoregulator® and the Lupeol are patented active ingredients that are a result of Laboratoire Expanscience's expertise in lipo-chemistry.

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[amazon-product text="Mustela Stretch Marks Intensive Action" type="text"]B00021D144[/amazon-product]The patented combination of Elastoregulator® and Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHA) in the two Mustela 9 Months® stretch marks products represents the first time that AHA's are used in this type of products. This unique combination stimulates cellular renewal and acts on reducing the prominence of stretch marks.

A Comprehensive Line to Address Specific Conditions

The Mustela 9 Months® line consists of:

- Mustela 9 Months® Ultimate Hydration ($19) prevents skin dryness and soothes irritation during pregnancy.

- Mustela 9 Months® Stretch Marks Double Action ($34.50) helps prevent stretch marks and/or minimize new and recent stretch marks in all sensitive areas (abdomen, breasts, hips, and upper thighs).

- Mustela 9 Months® Stretch Marks Intensive Action ($37) helps minimize existing stretch marks during pregnancy or after birth and helps reduce size (length and width), depth and color of stretch marks.

[amazon-product text="Mustela Specific Support Bust" type="text"]B00021D1CQ[/amazon-product]

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- Mustela 9 Months® Specific Support Bust ($25) helps preserve the skin's elasticity and suppleness while relieving skin tenderness and soothe breast tightness.

- Mustela 9 Months® Instant Comfort Legs ($19) relieves heaviness and discomfort in legs while relaxing and immediately refreshing.

- Mustela 9 Months® Post Partum Restructuring Gel ($34.50) helps restore firmness and remodel body contours after birth.

(Image of Mustela 9 Months® Instant Comfort Legs - All Rights Reserved).

[amazon-product text="Mustela Instant Comfort Legs" type="text"]B001B6LA92[/amazon-product]

All Mustela 9 Months® products undergo extensive testing to ensure safety, quality and efficacy. Depending upon the product's usage, specific medical experts (i.e., dermatologists, gynecologists, vein specialists) participate in product development and testing.

The products can also be used during breastfeeding, are hypoallergenic, alcohol- and caffeine- free, are non-staining and non-sticking, and the stretch marks products are compatible with sonograms.

The Mustela 9 Months® line has a subtle fragrance with a pleasant texture making it easy and enjoyable to use. "Clinical trials validate the products' efficacy, while consumer reaction reinforces the fact that the products are a pleasure to use, " states Rebecca Infusino, Sales & Marketing Manager, Mustela USA.

[amazon-product text="Mustela Post Partum Body Restructuring Gel" type="text"]B00021DSA6[/amazon-product]

The Mustela 9 Months® line is available at select department stores, juvenile outlets, fine beauty stores, pharmacies and websites. To locate a Mustela retailer, call 1-800-422-2987.

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