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InStyleBelly: Ultimate Online Maternity Consignment

Introducing InStyleBelly: The Ultimate Online Maternity Consignment Boutique For Price-Conscious Moms

Fashion Bump

The must-have "It" accessory in Hollywood is the baby bump. Hot mamas like Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani and Jessica Alba have made being pregnant into a style statement all its own. Where once maternity clothing were frumpy, now they're fabulous.

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Today's most recognized designers such as Diane von Furstenberg, Juicy Couture, and Isabella Oliver have noticed this trend and expanded their collections to include maternity lines.

Pregnant women now have the option to be chic and comfortable. InStyleBelly, an online maternity consignment boutique for stylish expecting moms, seeks to offer trendy mothers-to-be the opportunity to dress with the same fashion and style while they are pregnant as when they are not.

For new moms looking to get rid of their maternity clothing, consigning with InStyleBelly is also the perfect solution.  "Maternity clothing for women has come a long way. There was a time when we had to hide our burgeoning bellies under shapeless and unflattering maternity clothing.

Today's woman, however, has many more options," says Krista Karo, mom and founder & CEO of InStyleBelly. "Pregnant women are no longer condemned to wear oversize tunics and baggy tent-like maternity clothes. Instead, they can choose the latest fashions that flatter and emphasize their growing bumps. Just because you're pregnant does not mean that you have to sacrifice your sense of style."

Secondhand is First-Choice for Cosmopolitan Moms

More than ever, consumers are becoming conscious of their budgets; and new moms are especially careful with their spending.

"As a result of the economy, bargains are appreciated now more than ever," says Krista.  "As a mother, I know first hand that buying maternity wear can be both frustrating and very expensive. Because your body is going through so many changes over the course of pregnancy, some items will only be worn once or twice before growing out of them. The need for new clothing will grow rapidly with your belly. It's is not practical to pay top dollar for clothing that will, by their very nature, be worn for such a short amount of time."

InStyleBelly is an online consignment shop that offers expecting moms affordable designer maternity wear; and a place where new moms can sell their outgrown maternity clothes for some extra cash.

Krista adds, "There might have been some stigma with buying someone else's castoffs but now, more and more consumers are looking for ways to cut corners. They're no longer seen as secondhand, but vintage."

Designs for Less

Women don't want to give up style for nine months; they want to find an extension of their regular wardrobe rather than temporary departure from it. For example, if you wear Rock & Republic jeans pre-pregnancy, most likely you'll want to wear them when expecting too. Now you can.

Today's designers showcase an expecting mom's new curves and make clothing that is size appropriate verses the one-size-fits-all mentality from the past.

InStyleBelly offers a large selection of affordable maternity clothing for casual, business/professional and special occasions from specialty retailers including GAP and Ann Taylor; as well as designer brands such as Cynthia Rowley, Michael Stars and True Religion.

Krista continues, "InStyleBelly offers maternity clothes for price-conscious women and for those customers willing to pay a little extra for brand names."

Krista pointed out "one of the most difficult tasks in the maternity clothing industry is to provide clothing that is trendy, tasteful, and appealing. Because fashion trends are constantly changing, shopping consignment is the perfect solution. Women are not buying maternity clothes to add permanent pieces to their wardrobes; they are simply looking for comfortable clothes to wear for only nine months."

As a new mom herself, Krista understands how expensive having a baby can be. New furniture, clothing that is outgrown quickly, formula and baby food, and a dozen other "must haves" can add up quickly.


InStyleBelly will match the price of any items sold on the Web site that are found cheaper elsewhere. In addition, InStyleBelly will offer a 5% discount off the matched price always guaranteeing the lowest price. This will apply to "new" merchandise only.

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