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Blogs Are No Longer Considered Fringe Media

Although during the advent of blogging, many people believed blogs were a flash in the pan, the reality is that blogs are no longer fringe media.

In fact, most big name and traditional media outlets feature wide-reaching bloggers in the editorial mix.

The media world has discovered that leading blogs can make or break any type of major new event or launch.   Some bloggers have almost single-handedly managed to bring major corporate monoliths to their knees with just one post.

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Yet even as bloggers rise in prominence and even frequently set the national press corps' coverage agenda-they typically demand to be approached differently than their mainstream media (MSM) counterparts.

Indeed, there are new rules for approaching, collaborating with and pitching online influencer such as bloggers.

Traditional media relations practices may not work when it comes to working with bloggers.

How do you build long-term relationships with the online influencers your consumers turn to most for their news and opinions now?  Twitter or other social media channels are often a great back way to becoming part of an online blogging conversation.

But what are some of the best blog-approaching practices? How do you can actively drive the appropriate messaging with your blog?

1.  What motivates bloggers?

There is not one single answer.  Bloggers are motivated by a wide range of factors ranging from building traffic to finding a voice or offering different viewpoints to traditional media outlets.

2.  What are the key insights into the mindset fueling the online media revolution?

The online media revolution is exploding because so many people want to have their own voice and make a difference with their viewpoints.

3.  How can corporations use that knowledge to protect their online image?

The best thing a corporation can do is to embrace honesty with regard to their image.  If there is a problem, they need to address it immediately.

4.  When should corporations respond to online rumors?

Of course there is no right or wrong answer but when there is a clear indication that a corporation has made a blunder, they need to address it.

5.  What are the blog faux Pas to avoid?

The key to avoiding blog faux Pas is to proceed slowly when approaching bloggers.  Avoid posting responses that might prove controversial without making sure the blogger appreciates that type of response.  In other words, become well acquainted with a blogger before engaging with them.

6.  What are the traditional practices which earn negative coverage from bloggers?

When corporations, politicans or other concerns refuse to come clean on controversial topics.

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