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Natural Curls & Waves In The Jungle - Torrie Wilson

As a big fan of Reality TV shows I am hooked on NBC's I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here which is set in the middle of the jungle in Costa Ricca.

Of course I'm also a fan of anything related to hair and so I am constantly thinking about what the various contestants are doing to take care of their natural texture in the hot, humid, steamy and rain drenched landscape.

While we know that Heidi Montag, when she was in the jungle for the first week, used massive quantities of dry shampoo to keep her blonde highlighted hair extensions and fringe looking clean and fluffy.  Heidi even spritzed Spencer's natural curls to keep them looking crisp and clean.

The rest of the women?  While we may not ever completely know how they handled their hair, I have been keeping a close eye on Torrie Wilson.  I will admit I had never heard of Torrie before the show but now I'm a huge fan.

She comes across as very sweet but realistic and down to earth.  She is also a fierce competitor and willing to get her hands dirty to win for her charity.

The blonde and beautiful Torrie appears to have naturally curly hair that shows up as ringlets around her hairline and longer waves and loose curls throughout the rest of her hair.  Since the jungle appears to be very humid and hot, Torrie probably doesn't have tight natural curls since her hair appears to have looser texture.

Torrie has also been wearing her hair in an array of braids and twists which would punch up any natural texture.  Which is actually a good plan for dealing with natural curls in hot and humid temperatures.

Pulling your natural curls and waves up in twists and buns, if it's long enough, allows you to enjoy the climate without worrying about your hair getting frizzy, puffy or out of contol.    If your hair is short or medium in length let the natural texture loose for the same low-maintenance results.

Or, if you prefer, use your own favorite dry shampoo to spot control sections of your hair that get oily or attract dirt.

Although Torrie has won my admiration for her great attitude and team spirit, I am also impressed with how she handles her hair texture in the middle of a jungle camp.  If Torrie can look fabulous in the jungle with natural curls and can us non-celebs.

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