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Janice Dickenson Declares "I'm Not A Bitch"

In an unusual turn of events the world's first Supermodel, Janice Dickenson, returned to NBC's reality show, I'm Not A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here...after being voted off last week by the viewing public.

(Image of Janice Dickenson- NBC - I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here - Episode 114-- NBC Photo: Tyler Golden - All Rights Reserved).

Not only was Janice voted off the show, but so was Holly Madison, sister of the super bratty Heidi Madison who left after the first week.

When Janice walked across the rope bridge out of camp the remaining contestants were ecstatic.

Besides stealing and eating the women's granola price, Janice was filmed urinating in camp in the middle of the night, laying around complaining nonstop about her health and spitting all over the ground.

Janice also butted heads with John Salley in a major way.  John was thrilled when Janice left and had no qualms telling the rest of the remaining celebs how happy he was Janice was gone.

(Image of (l-r) Damien Fahey, Myleene Klass, Holly Montag, John Salley -- NBC Photo: Tyler Golden - All Rights Reserved).

The beautiful blonde Torrie Wilson was also happy Janice was no longer spitting all over the ground.  Even the sweet and good natured Sanjaya was happy about Janice leaving.

Except that Janice was not really gone.  Neither was Holly for that matter.  They came back to camp after being voted off to allow the celebrities to decide whether Janice or Holly should stay and compete during the last week of the contest.

Knowing her fate was in the hands of the remaining celebrities - John Salley, Torrie Wilson, Sanjaya, Lou Diamond Phillips and Patti Blagojevich, Janice got on her hands and knees and literally begged.

Janice was seen on camera saying "I'm not a bitch" although her actions said otherwise to her fellow celebrity teammates.  Sadly, her fate of whether she could go or stay was in their hands and even though the remaining celebs want to win, they decided it would be much more peaceful at the camp without Janice.

At the end Janice was banished from the camp in favor of Holly Montag who was welcomed back with open arms.  It was obvious from the comments that Holly was very much loved and Janice was definitly not.  For the second time in a matter of days Janice again crossed over the rope bridge as she was voted off the show by the celebrities.

As she leaving Janice let the world know she is who she is and afterall, she was the first SuperModel.

I have to say I felt bad for Janice even though she acted badly in camp and did cause lots of problems for everyone else.  Yes, you reap what you sow but Janice seems like a complicated person with a very good heart buried under all that external baggage.

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