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ITV Prod Co Tells Truth ABout I'm A Celeb Get Me Out Of Here Show

Rumors are swirling at a frantic pace.  Did Heidi and Spencer volunteer to spend all day and all night in a torture room with creepy crawlies in order to win re-admittance back to the NBC reality show - I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here or were they forced to be in the room?

I have watched all of the episodes to date and was appalled to watch Lou Diamond Phillips get bit by live rats as he tried to reach a star to win a food challenge for the men's team.

(I'M A Celebrity....Get Me Out Of Here! - - Episode 101 Left - Janice Dickenson - NBC Photo:  Tyler Golden - All Rights Reserved).

Although Janice Dickenson said Lou "was no Rambo" he did endure rats, as he said "chomping down" on his flesh. After getting bitten with his hand stuck in a literal rat hole in the jungle Lou was whisked off to see a doctor.

Although the NBC Network is mostly keeping quiet about whole "torture" chamber accusations involving Speidi in Costa Rica, ITV, the production company responsible for the show - I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here - have released a statement to the media in an attempt to put all of the Speidi rumors to rest.

ITV's Public Release

ITV Studios stated that press reports at this time are untrue. ITV tells the media they have been producing this format (dropping celebs into the jungle) around the world for many years and the health of the celeb participants are of the utmost importance.

ITV announced that a medic and a doctor are present at the location at all times for all participants. All allegations of the celebrities being deprived of food and water are completely untrue.

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