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Selena Gomez Lets Her Hair Waves Flow Loose & Lush

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez Lets Her Hair Waves Flow Loose & Lush

Selena Gomez is a hair goddess who loves to wear her hair in a variety of edgy and versatile ways.

On May 30th she appeared at the Disney ABC Television Group Summer Press Junket at the ABC Riverside Building in Burbank, California wearing a trademark polkda dot top.  She looked adorable.

When the raven hair beauty wants to instantly change up her hairstyle she wears her tresses in long loose waves and curls which cascade down below her shoulders.

Selena wears her very long hair softer, less uniform and more randomly placed.

She often wears her hair with a deep side part and a side-swept fringe which perfectly frames her pretty face.

How To Re-Create Selena's Lush Long Waves

To re-create Selena's hairstyle complete the following steps:

Selena Gomez

1.  Cleanse your hair with a cleansing product designed for your hair's type, texture and current condition.  To amp up your hair color consider using a shampoo with color enhancing or maintenance formula.

2.  If appropriate, apply a rinse-out conditioning product to your tresses.

3.  After your final rinse finish with a cool/cold water blast to close the cuticles and encourage shine.

4.  Towel blot your hair to remove excess moisture.

5.  Apply a texture enhancing styling cocktail.  You may wish to cocktail together a blend of anti-frizz balm, leave-in conditioning cream and texture enhancing cream, gel or lotion.  To encourage lots of root lift and volume you may opt to also apply a root enhancing product.

6.  Use a long finger diffuser attached to a blow dryer and separate hair into individual 1 1/2" sections.

7.  Blow dry entire head using the diffuser until all of the hair is completely dry.

8.  Using a 1 1/2" curling iron and starting at the nape of the neck, separate hair into 2" sections.  Curl each individual section of hair throughout the entire head.  Be sure to roll hair onto the iron while keeping the clip closed.

Keep hair wrapped around the iron for 30 - 45 seconds or as long as appropriate to curl each section.  Once you remove the iron from the newly created hair, pin the newly formed curl against your head and allow it to completely cool.

Selena Gomez

9.  After the curls pinned to the head are completely cool, spray with a firm holding or sculpting spray.  Allow the spray to dry and then unpin each curl section.

10.  Use your fingers to deconstruct the curls and arrange the final style like Selena's.  If you prefer looser waves, use a 100% boar bristle brush and lightly brush out the curls to form waves instead of curls.

Crank Up The Curl Definition

After you have finished styling your hair if you want more curl definition throughout the perimeter, use a 1" curling iron to create curls throughout the edges.

Finish with a spritz of styling spray.

Finish With A Shimmer

Apply a few drops of shine serum or spray to the palms of your hands and rub them together.  Lightly brush the palms of your hands over the top of your finished hairstyle to add shimmer and block out frizz.

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