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Selena Gomez Says Everyone Has To Go Through Heartbreak

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez Says Everyone Has To Go Through Heartbreak

Bonnie Hunt recently sat down with major teen star, Selena Gomez, to chat about what's happening in Selena's life.

Bonnie said "our first guest is one of the biggest teen stars around, she works her magic every week as Alex on The Disney Channel."

Before Selena appeared on stage wearing her shiny dark brunette hair in her current medium length just below the chin length bob, Bonnie showed a clip of the movie Wizards Of Waverly Place.

Selena was wearing a bright sleeveless fuchsia top with tight stretch jeans and heels. She looked absolutely adorable.

Bonnie started by asking Selena "so you're 17 years old now?"  Selena said "yes" and then Bonnie said "WOW, you've grown up before our eyes.  You were on Barney when you were 7 years old."

Then Bonnie showed a clip of Selena with the big purple Barney.  Selena laughed at the image.

Selena Gomez

Bonnie "what's like to be, at such a young age, there has to be some sense of responsibility of the image you portray for the little girls that all look up to you.  Because I know, I have a bunch of nieces and nephews and the nieces especially, they just adore you.  What does that feel like?"

Selena Loves Her Job And Kids

Selena said "thank you. I mean, I remember the first time a little girl came up to me and said she wants to be just like me when she gets older and of course that feeling at first, that's a lot, hearing a little girl say that they want to be you."

Selena continued "And at first it is a little scary but I love my job and I love, love kids.  And they're the whole reason why I'm here.  So my job just kinda is to be the best I can be for those kids because that's my job and that's my favorite part of my job."

Bonnie "I know there's so much joy in it.  I can see the joy that you find in it.   It's got to be a tall order, to have that kinda growing up in the public eye.  You're only human, you're going to make mistakes.  Or make choices where you think,  I wish I would have done this or that. Is there a way you deal with that?  Like with your mom and dad. Do they say, you know, you can't let all this affect you too much?  Good or bad."

Selena Wants To Live Her Life For Her

Selena Gomez

Selena agreed "right.  The way I look at it.  I am 17.  And I love this, my job, but I don't want it to live my life for me.  I want to be able to go to the movies and hang out with my friends.  Although my life is a little different.  And there are people who are watching me and you know, criticizing every move I make, but I think my job just means that I'm human, I am going to make mistakes, but I want to keep my mistakes to myself."

Bonnie "Well, they're not mistakes, lessons, really.  Really, when you're growing up.  When someone's your age, anybody's who criticizing you has to be really kinda messed up, to take the time to do that.  I mean anybody who has a 17 year old in their life and you've watched them grow up like we've watched you grow up."

The talk show hostess continued "There's a certain sensitivity, that we've all been there and we don't know everything yet and there's a lot of life lessons you have to go through.  And like you say, when you still want to have your normal life.  Like you hang out with Taylor Swift or somebody.  Can you guys just go out to the.  You just can't go out, can you? To the store or....."

Selena Gomez

Selena And Taylor Swift

Bonnie showed a photo of Selena and Taylor together in a hug.  Selena said "Yeah.  Yeah, I mean, like we both have that same mentality.  We do get stopped, but I mean it never has come out of either of our mouths like 'oh god we can't go anywhere', but it's just part of the job.  You go out and do normal things.  It's not going to let it stop us from being teens."

Bonnie "What about guys?  When you have a crush on someone?  I guess it's only the people you work with is how you meet people.  Right?"  Because normally you meet them in school?"

Boys Give Selena A Headache

Selena "Yeah, but boys give me headaches right now.  You know?"  Selena laughed.

Bonnie "Trust me, that doesn't go away." Selena "I know"  Bonnie "It eventually becomes an excuse.  But you don't have to worry about that right now."

Selena laughed, covered her face in mock embarrassment and agreed  "I don't have to worry about that.  And I've got a really good step dad who looks after me."

Selena Gomez

Bonnie "Oh I bet.  It's always good to have a good force in front of you when there's a guy knocking at the door.  To make sure someone's checking them out and looking it over.  So you were how old when you auditioned for Disney?"

Bonnie continued "Because I know when we have that footage (of Selena trying out for Disney) because I found it fascinating because I don't think people understand that when you audition, sometimes you're just put in front of the camera and you're talking to pretend people and there's nobody there except the person running the camera.  But you do see your personality in this."

Selena said "Ugh, I apologize, I was 11 years old and I went in there and I was wearing a poncho (she made a face).  I'm wearing like this horrible tacky thing it was my first, one of my first auditions for The Disney Channel and that's what got me my job."

Bonnie "I know but it's so adorable.  Would you mind if we show it?"  Selena "Go ahead" Bonnie said "just to see, it takes a lot of work."

Bonnie played the clip of Selena at her first Disney audition.  After it was over she said "Selena, I can see what they saw in you.  Very natural and very sweet.  I mean stay true to yourself.  That's important because that's your goldmine right there.  That's your sincerity."

Selena's First Album

Selena Gomez

Bonnie and Selena then talked about Selena's first album.  Bonnie said she knew that Selena had written a song on her new album 'Kiss And Tell'.  Selena said "yes, I did."  Bonnie said "It's called I Won't Apologize?  That's gotta take some discipline, to sit down and actually write."


Selena "well yes, this is my first record and I took about a year and a half working on it because I just wanted it to be good.  I know for my little fans and for my teen fans, for everyone I wanted to make sure it was empowering."

She continued "The song that I wrote was called "I Want To Apologize" because I feel like girls, especially teen girls my age tend to change themselves for people whether its a whole group at school or like a boyfriend.  And that's something that I went through and the song is basically saying I'm sorry that it didn't work out for us and I'm sorry that I'm not who you want me to be, but I not going to apologize for who I am."

Selena "But it's fine, it's not intense or anything.  It's fun and there's dancing."

Has Selena Suffered Heart Break?

Bonnie "I'm going to listen to this a few times. I could use that lesson." Bonnie "So did you have a heart break?"

Selena "Yea, of course.  Yeah."  Bonnie "I had my biggest one around your age. I can still recall it.  Selena "Yep, we have to all good through it (heart break)."

Selena Gomez And Shakira

Bonnie "Because you think, if I'd just done this or that or I could be this way or that way.  But that's not accurate.  They don't get it, see you."


Selena agreed with Bonnie and shook her head.  She said "I didn't do anything wrong" and then she laughed.   Bonnie agreed with Selena "you certainly didn't.  What do your parents think of all your successes?  How is your mom doing with all of this?"

Selena's Mom Is Biggest Fan

Selena "My mom's good.  My mom is my biggest fan.  She's wonderful.  Nothing has really changed though.  That's what I really like.  When we want to go to Chili's, you know, on Friday, we all go as a family in our sweat pants.  Nothing's changed.  We know we live a very blessed and fortunate life."

Bonnie "We were talking during the break that one of the aspects of this business is that so much in our lives changes but we stay the same but other people view us differently.  People that have been in our lives for a long time before all that happened.  And that's one of the things you deal with that you're saying 'I haven't changed' but people are changing the way they react towards you."

Selena Gomez

Growing Up Is A Long Process

Selena "Yes, and I think that's what's getting really hard for me at the moment because my guard is slowly going up.   Because the people react differently."

Selena continued "People I grew up with are changing.  It's been hard and it's been a long process.  But it's been good and a learning experience soooo."

Bonnie "Yeah, you've got your head on straight. And it is part of it.  It's something anyone will go through in this business but when you're younger it's got to be especially difficult but obviously you're finding all the joys in it and you've got a rock solid family and your talent it a joy.  It really is."

Selena "Thank you, thank you.  So kind of you."

Bonnie "And you've got dogs.  You guys, Selena has five rescue dogs."  Bonnie showed pictures of the dogs.  Bonnie said "Look at that, there's a puppy.  They're all over the place, walking throw rugs."

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