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How To Get Easy Beachy Hair Waves

Jessica Simpson With Blonde Beachy Waves

How To Get Easy Beachy Hair Waves

Beachy hair waves never go out of style even though they are usually most popular during the Summer months of the year when a desired look is hair that appears to have just spent a relaxed day in the surf.

Depending on whether you want to create easy beachy hair waves or a more finished dressy beach hairstyle, the hair look is easiest to create on tresses which have some natural bend or texture.

Beachy hair waves are somewhat more difficult to create on hair that is either stick straight, tightly coiled, or prone to frizz.

Jessica Simpson Is A Beachy Wave Icon

Actress Jessica Simpson is famous for her beachy waves which were initially designed and developed for her by hairstylist Ken Paves.  Jessica Simpson is a perfect example of a woman with natural texture.  Jessica has excellent natural waves throughout her hair.

She also clearly demonstrates the ability to wear very easy and quick beachy hair waves by coiffing them herself at night before going to bed.

When she wants to walk the Red Carpet, Jessica turns to her Hair Maestro Ken Paves to take her natural waves and fine tune a glam beach wave hairstyle for her that rocks the hair world.

Listed below are the two different ways to get beachy hair waves, both the easy way and the Red Carpet finished way.

Jessica Simpson With Beachy Blonde Waves

Easy Beachy Hair Waves

When Jessica Simpson creates her own beachy hair waves at home she usually completes some or all of the following steps:

1.  Jessica washes her hair at night before she goes to bed with a moisture enhancing cleansing formula. She loves using products from the Phyto or Rene Furterer hair care lines.

2.  After rinsing the shampoo out of her hair, Jessica might apply a rinse out conditioner. 

3.  Jessica rinses out any leave-in conditioner and does a final rinse.

4.  The star towel blots her newly washed hair dry with a towel.

5.  She applies her favorite detangling product and then removes tangles from her hair moving from the ends to the roots.

6.  To create easy beachy hair waves, Jessica applies either a tennis ball sized handful of hot rollers, styling cream or gel to her hair and distributes it from the ends of their tresses to their roots.

7.  After applying mousse or other wave enhancing products to her hair, Jessica will scrunch her hair lightly with her fingers to define loose waves and then let the rest of her hair completely air dry overnight, waking up the next morning with loose beachy waves.

8.  If she wants more pronounced waves Jess can separate her hair into individual 1-2" strands and lightly twist them into soft spirals and pin them with bobby pins to her scalp so that her hair dries into a more pronounced wave pattern.  Or, she can braid her hair into one large three strand braid or a series of smaller braids.

Additionally, she can use a wide barrel curling iron in the morning to fine tune waves and then finger pick them into a soft just-home-from-the-beach pattern.

Jessica Simpson With Beachy Blonde Waves

High Glam Beachy Hair Waves

When Jessica wants more finished waves with just a hint of the beach for the Red Carpet, she asks her hairstylist, Ken Paves to fine tune her waves.

Follow the steps below which Ken uses to create high glam beachy hair waves:

1.  Wash Jessica's tresses in a moisturizing formula.

2.  Apply a rinse out or other appropriate conditioning product.  Detangle tresses and rinse.  Finish with a cool or cold water final rinse.

3.  Towel blot to remove excess moisture.

4.  Power or rough dry damp tresses with a blow dryer to remove excess moisture.

5.  While hair is still slightly damp, apply a styling mousse, gel or cream to enhance wave formation.

6.  Blow dry the rest of her hair dry with a long finger diffuser to add wave definition.

7.  When hair is completely dry, separate hair into 1- 1 1/2 inch sections and curl with a medium barrel curling iron.  After each section is curled pin the section to the scalp to let the section completely cool and set.  Work around thehead completely curling all of her strands in the same manner.

8.  After the entire head had been curled with a hot iron and allowed to cool, spritz with a styling spray for added hold.

9.  Carefully unpin all the strands.  Depending on whether you want tight or loose waves,  either deconstruct the newly formed curls with a Mason Pearson Brush or use fingers to pick out the curls into a soft wave formation.

10.  Once the desired wave pattern has been created, apply a tiny bit of shine serum and work it through strands to block frizz and add natural shine.  Finish with a quick spritz of holding spray.

Other Beachy Wave Options

Jessica Simpson Clip-In Extensions With Beachy Waves

Ken Paves has worked to consistently design and enhance the absolute best clip-in extensions for his HairDo line of synthetic and human hair pieces.  There is a clip-in hair option for every imaginable hair color and texture pattern, including soft beach style waves.

For a super quick Beachy Hair Wave look select one of Ken's HairDo clip-in extension options in soft waves.  All you need to do is pin up or pull back your own tresses and clip in the HairDo design youdesire and voila, the potential for instant and super easy beachy hair waves.

(Image of Jessica Simpson with hot rollers - - All Rights Reserved).

Other Options For Straight Or Curly Hair

If your natural tresses are stick straight you may not have as much success creating soft Beachy Waves utilizing Jessica Simpson's scrunching methods since Jessica has natural texture.  Instead you may need to either do a wet set sitting under a hood dryer or blow dry and then set hair in hot rollers.

A must for creating beachy waves on stick straight hair is to first apply a volumizing product to the roots and then apply a texture enhancing styling cream or gel to the rest of the tresses.

Jessica Simpson Long Blonde Waves

After applying volumizing and styling products, roll all of the damp hair into medium sized rollers or large rollers and dry completely under a hood dryer.  Or, blow dry hair completely dry and then set in medium to large hot rollers.

Either method will add texture that can be finger picked into soft waves.  For extra hold, after you unroll either the regular or hot rollers, take fingers and roll hair back into a loop and pin to the head.  Spray well with firm holding spray and allow spray to completely dry.  Remove pins and gently finger pick or arrange.  Do not brush or comb which may destroy waves.

If hair is naturally curly, after washing and towel blotting, apply a detangler to remove any knots.  Once hair is untangled apply an anti-frizz straightening balm to all of the hair remembering to apply from the ends up to the roots.  Blow dry hair with a long finger diffuser to create loose waves rather than tight coils.

If you prefer just a hint of beach waves, blow dry hair completely straight working volume into the sides and roots with a round brush.  Once hair is 100% dry, separate hair into 2-3" sections.  Prepare each section with a styling spray.  Use a wide-barrel curling iron (1 1/2" to 2" wide) and wrap hair (without using the clip) around the outside of the barrel being sure to curl all the way to the root.

Jessica Simpson Blonde Curls And Waves

Alternate each ringlet you create for more symmetry of the final wave pattern.   You may also want to play with alternating the amount of hair you place in each section as well as how tight or loose you roll the curl.  Remember that the smaller the amount of hair, the tighter the ultimate curl.

Hold iron in place for 8-12 seconds.   Once you release the iron, reform the newly formed corkscrew style curl with your fingers and pin into place against the scalp to allow curl to cool and set firmly.  After curls have cool, spritz again with styling or hairspray.  Let spray dry and then unpin.  Use fingers to deconstruct curls into loose waves.

Do not comb or brush unless you want just a hint of wave.

To add shine, apply either shine drops, serum or spray.  Finger-comb shine serum into the finished hair.  Set with hairspray. Just don't overdo it, you don't want new waves to feel "crunchy."

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