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Herschel Walker Fired On Celebrity Apprentice

On the latest episode of Celebrity Apprentice which aired on Sunday, April 19, 2009, there were two challenges.  The first challenge pitted Team KOTU lead by Joan Rivers against Team Athena lead by Pro Poker Player Annie Duke.

Team KOTU lost and team member, pro golfer Natalie Gulbris was fired because she picked the jewels that did not sell well at the auction.

(Image of Herschel Walker - Celebrity Apprentice - Herschel Walker -- NBC Photo: Mitchell Haaseth - All Rights Reserved).

Although it was somewhat of a surprise, it wasn't also expected because Natalie was not a strong player overall.  She was very sweet and beautiful but couldn't seem to raise money successfully and was no match for some of the other cutthroat celebrity players.

The second task involved selecting a new recipe and presenting it to a frozen food giant to incorporate into their current menu selection.  Team KOTU selected Herschel Walker to run the task with only Joan Rivers and Clint Black left on the team.  Team Athena selected Jesse Jackson (husband of Sandra Bullock) and consisted of Melissa Rivers, Annie Duke and Playboy Playmate Brande Rodderick. 

Team Athena won yet again.  This was their second win for the episode and they have had other wins in the past.  KOTU has been struggling mightly.

Quite frankly I thought that Clint Black who is stubborn, argumentative, egotistical and a spotlight hog would get the axe.  I knew Joan would survive because she did a good job on the tasks and The Donald adores here.  I also thought Herschel would survive.  I know that Clint Black is wearing on The Donald's nerves.

Unfortunately Donald place the blame for the KOTU Team loss of the task squarely on the shoulders of the Herschel as team leader and fired him.  Joan again cried and was obviously distraught to be left along with Clint who she has clashed with.  Herschel took his firing with class and dignity.  He was awesome.  I have to say, like Joan Rivers, I fell in love with Hershcel Walker on Celebrity Apprentice.  I was very sad to see him go.

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