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Joan Rivers Cries On Celebrity Apprentice

On the Sunday, April 19th episode of The Celebrity Apprentice there was a fierce battle between KOTU's team leader Joan Rivers and Athena's team leader Annie Duke.

(Team KOTU as of 4/19/09 - LtoR - Natalie Gulbris, Clint Black (Black Hat), Herschel Walker and Joan Rivers - NBC - Photo: Ali Goldstein -  All Rights Reserved)

The task was to take donations from Ivanka Trump's jewelry line, put together a fashion show and hold an auction to raise the most money.  The team raising the most money won.  Joan and her daughter Melissa Rivers were on opposing teams.

As team leader Joan did well, but she made a few mistakes.  She let Clint Black, whom I had no opinion about before the show has task assignments including picking models for the fashion show.

I think Celebrity Apprentice has portrayed Clint Black as a stubborn, pig headed chatterbox who has fought with several members of his team from the beginning.  However, Joan and Clint who had differences in the past managed to work together.  Is Clint Black really like he portrays on the show?  Or is that a ruse?

The bad news?  Joan not only asked Clint to be the auctioneer for the fashion show but he bombed badly.  I actually felt bad for him and so did the audience.  He did a horrendous job as auctioneer.  He tried to open one piece at $20,000 and no one bid.  The audience became frozen and Ivanka and Donald Trump looked very displeased.  Finally Clint took the item off the auction saying he was not going to sell it for less.

At the end of the day, the Athena team, lead by Annie Duke, outsold Ivanka's jewelry by over $60,000.  Sadly, someone had to be fired from Joan's team.

Joan told The Donald she loved everyone on Team KOTU.  When pressed Joan said she had no suggestions on who should be fired.  Joan realized that someone was going to be fired.  She also made a point of saying she loved Herschel Walker and hoped he would marry her daughter Melissa.  She also said Natalie Gulbis was just lovely. Joan even had good things to say about Clint Black, which she had clashed with before.

When Joan said she loved Team KOTU and they all worked well together as a team.  She didn't want to fire anyone.  As a result Joan started crying.  It was quite a surprise and The Donald said to his daughter Ivanka, "see she has a heart".

Joan continued crying as The Donald took the choice away from her.  He said since Natalie Gulbis picked the jewels and since the jewels were the reason that the team lost, he fired Natalie.  Joan started crying even harder.  She was visibly upset.

The team walked out into the hallway where Natalie was waiting to leave and Joan, while crying, gave the newly fired Celebrity Apprentice a big hug.  She continued to sniffle as she went downstairs to the suites where the rest of the Celeb Apprentices were waiting.

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