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Celebrity Apprentice 2009 Winner - Spoiler Alert!

Clint Black and Joan Rivers - NBC Photo - Ali Goldstein - NBC - All Rights Reserved

Celebrity Apprentice 2009 Winner - Spoiler Alert!

Please don't read this blog if you have not yet seen The Apprentice and wish to watch the Season Finale for yourself.  I don't want to be responsible for spoiling the ending for anyone.

However, I have faithfully watched this current season of The Celebrity Apprentice even though I took some flack about it at home because my family is not keen on reality TV shows.

I have watched it because so many of the people that graciously visit my Blog love reality TV and want to read my comments.  At least that's the general feedback I get.

All season long I was rooting for Joan Rivers for so many reasons.  Yes, there are a lot of rumors out there that Joan can be difficult and who knows if it is really true?

What is true is that regardless of whether you love Joan Rivers or not, she is a real trooper.  The woman, born June 8, 1933, has endured many hardships in her life but she keeps picking herself up and coming back for more.

Professional Poker Player Annie Duke - NBC Photo - Ali Goldstein - NBC - All Rights Reserved

During the Celebrity Apprentice she definitely butted heads with some of her teammates, but if you watched her closely, Joan learned to work in harmony with her teammates like the perpetually stubborn Clint Black and the crazed Dennis Rodman.

She fought for her daughter Melissa, which may or may not have been the best use of her energy but she proved she is a very protective and loving mom.

Bottom line, Joan Rivers won the Celebrity Apprentice and she appeared to have a bit of an edge with the audience and the various celebrities voting for her.

Was her fight with Annie Duke real?  Or was it just part of making good reality TV?  When Annie was fired and Joan Rivers won, Joan went over and gave Annie a hug.

Do they really hate each other?  Maybe we will never know.  Or possibly they will make peace.

Professional Poker Player Annie Duke and Former Professional Basketball Player - Dennis Rodman - NBC Photo - Ali Goldstein - All Rights Reserved

Bottom line, this was a reality TV show, but The Donald did a good job of making it fascinating.  I had stopped watching all of The Donald's Apprentice shows when it was non-celebs.

Throwing the celebrities into the mix was a brilliant idea because it made things a lot more dicey.

I wonder whether the B, C and D celebrities that appear on Celebrity Apprentice see a positive or negative change in their careers as a result?

Jesse James Benefits Of Being On The Apprentice?

As The Donald pointed out to Jesse James in the final episode, he has won a lot of new fans as a result of appearing on Celebrity Apprentice.

I also changed my opinion for the negative on some of the celebs that appeared.   While I really Herschel Walker, Natalie Gulbis, Tionne Watkins, Khloe Kardashion and Brian McKnight, my opinion of some of the other celebs went down.

Professional Poker Player Annie Duke and Brande Roderick - NBC - All Rights Reserved

I was disappointed in how stubborn and clueless Clint Black appeared to be and while I love Dennis Rodman, I decided he really needed rehab.

Tom Greene did not win any points with me and I was glad with Andrew Dice Clay was voted off first.  The rest of the celebs didn't really change my opinion for the good or the bad.

Annie Duke And Joan Rivers

Even though I was a little surprised by the palpable hatred expressed between Annie and Joan, it did make things very interesting and I think probably helped the ratings for the show.

Kudos to Joan Rivers for winning, to The Donald for getting another season and to the rest of the Celebrity Apprentices who raised so much money for charity and put on a good show.

I'm sorry to see this season of The Celebrity Apprentice end.

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