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Jesse James Has Heart On Celebrity Apprentice

The Celebrity Apprentice's current season has been very interesting and full of surprises.  Although I have always loved Sandra Bullock, I had no idea who her husband was.

Yes, I knew his name was Jesse James but I had never watched any of his TV shows or even really seen him other than in photos with Sandra.

(Image of Jesse James from The Celebrity Apprentice - - All Rights Reserved).

Jesse is one of the original men on the KOTU team but was moved to the Athena team for Episode 806 which aired on Sunday 4/5/09.  Jesse was teamed with Melissa River, Annie, Tionne, and Brande.   The reorganized KOTU team consisted of Herschel, Clint, Joan, Natalie and Khloe.

Although he was the only man on the Athena team, he encouraged Melissa Rivers to be the Project Manager.  He also got along great with all the women who had nothing but nice things to say about Jesse. 

Watching Jesse since the first episode has changed my opinion from undecided to very impressed.  Jesse James is a good man with a big heart and the ability to get along with everyone.  He even got along with Dennis Rodman who was drunk and/or drugged out of his mind for much of his time on the KOTU team.

During Episode 805 the basketball great was fired by The Donald but not before receiving a celebrity intervention from the celebs in attendence.  Jesse explained how alcohol and related problems had been part of his own personal demons which he has overcome.  He was serious but compassionate for Dennis.

Jesse James is not only a great guy, he is obviously a wonderful influence on all who meet him.  Now when I think of Sandra Bullock and Jesse James I will be a fan of both members of the couple.

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