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Marilu Henner Gives Ellen Tips On Getting Organized And Healthy

Marilu Henner was recently on The Ellen Show and she stressed the importance of organizing.

She told Ellen that if your closet is organized properly, instead of spending 20 minutes every morning looking for something to wear that makes you look thin, you can easily find it and then spend the extra 20 minutes dancing around the house exercising and getting healthier.

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Ellen asked Marilu to share some of her quick tips for getting organized and getting healthy and Marilu listed the following:

1.  Never Leave A Room Empty Handed For Optimal Organization

Marilu said this is one of her favorite organizing tips.  That was one of her mom's tips.  She explained, if you never leave a room empty handed, by the end of the day everything is pretty much put back in its place.  Ellen of course had to add her special humor by saying "you mean your own house"  not someone else's house.  Marilu laughed and said "exactly".

2.  Everyone Should Freeze Like They're In Pompeii For Great Health

Marilu said that you should freeze as if you're going to be covered with lava and then look at yourself and see if that's how you want to be remembered for all time, in this posture.  Marilu said most people sit slumped over at their computers or their posture is bad which does not impart good health.  She said people cross their legs too much or they let the weight of the world pull them down from their shoulders.

She said a few times a day do her Pompeii Posture Adjustment and adjust your body so you have great posture.  Marilu said to help achieve great posture think of your neck as a stack of plates and your head as a bowling ball.

Always funny Ellen said "oh I do."

3.  Make Water Your Only Beverage

Marilu said at least once a week for an entire day you should make water your only beverage for the day.  She said it is amazing when you only drink water for an entire day how good you will feel at the end of the day.

Ellen asked Marilu if drinking something "that looked like water, like a Vodka" would work.  Marilu laughed and said the cleared the liquor the fewer the toxins so if you are going to drink then drink a clear liquid alcohol like Vodka.   Ellen asked also about red wine.  Marilu said one glass of red wine is OK for you but she really stressed drinking water, which is really great for you.

A Turkey Or A Weaner

Marilu explained that people are either turkeys or weaners when it comes to eliminating bad habits.  Ellen brought up how important it is to stop drinking soda and Marilu agreed.  She explained that she used to be really bad about drinking soda herself.

People can either go cold turkey on something, hence a turkey or they like to wean themselves off.  Marilu said when people are trying to get healthy they can't do everything all at once.  And you shouldn't.  You should try one thing at a time.  For her she explained she gave up diet soda many years ago and said she would try not drinking diet soda for three weeks to see how it went.  At the end of three weeks when she tried to drink diet soda again it tasted horrible to her.

Marilu said she used to be a two gallon of Tab a day diet soda drinker.  When she tried drinking it again after stopping she said she went "oh my god my tonque is swollen".  She continued, so what you have to do is figure out if you're a turkey or a weaner and go from that point.  Marilu said she goes into detail about being a turkey or weaner in her book, which was on the New York Times Best Seller list.

Ellen ended the segment with Marilu by holding up her book and telling all the Turkeys and Weaner out there to buy the book.

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