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Marilu Henner Honors Memory Of Her Parents With Her Own Healthy Lifestyle

Actress, fitness expert and best selling author Marilu Henner recently appeared on The Ellen Show to promote her book, Wear Your Life Well: Use What You Have to Get What You Want (Paperback).  When Marilu appeared on stage she danced with Ellen and blew kisses to the audience. Marilu looked amazingly beautiful and was glowing with vibrant health.

Marilu Loves That Ellen Dances

Marilu greeted Ellen by saying "I just love that you dance so much.  It's so great.  Ellen said "it's so much fun". Marilu said "oh my gosh."  Ellen said "I would think you would promote dancing, it helps you stay young, doesn't it?"

(Image of Marilu Henner - 'Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus:  Best Of Both Worlds' Premiere - 01-17-08 - - All Rights Reserved). 

Marilu said "it definitely does, I grew up in a dancing school, my family owned a dancing school so we all taught little kids and stuff and you know there's nothing like it.  There's nothing like it for breaking a sweat.

All you have to do is put music on and jump around your house. Its like the best way to work out."

Ellen agreed "you can't be in a bad mood and dance.  You don't see people dancing...and then Ellen demonstrated dance moves with a frown on her face.  It's impossible.  You're just in a good mood when you dance."

Marilu said "it stimulates your white blood cells, you know, its great."  Ellen said "and you would be a great promoter of any healthy thing because Happy Birthday to you."  Marilu said "Monday"  and Ellen said "how old will you be on Monday?"  Marilu said "I will be 57 on Monday". She said "and you know, you know what's incredible?"

Marilu Is 57 Years Old And Honoring Her Deceased Parents

The actress said "I never mind telling my age because I'm in the health business so its really good for that, but the other thing is that my mother died at 58 and my father died at 52 and my mother's heath at my age was so completely different.   So completely different and I used their death as an incentive to totally change my life and when I think about my mom dying from arthritis and on her walker and everything else, its a completely different, so I feel like I'm honoring them by getting healthy. You know?"

Ellen said "yeah, exactly, and so you worked out.  Part of it, there's so many different factors, there's your mental attitude and staying young and thinking young and playing all the time and exercising and then there's other things you have here in the book that I would think people might think has anything to do with it but it's organizing."

Marilu said "I'm very big on organizing."  Ellen said "why's that?"  Marilu said "because you can go on a healthy program eating and etcetera, etcetera but until you set up your environment to win, until your kitchen, your closet, your bathroom, your bedroom, your morning routine...all those things, I mean they have to be designed a certain way to support a healthy life. So I've always been very big on organizing."

Marilu joked with Ellen that her brother said "you just started writing books about health so you could write about organizing."

Maybe so but whatever Marilu is doing, she is enjoying great success in her writing career and of course she looks fit, trim and amazing at 57.

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