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Howie Mandel Wears Wig Like Hannah Montana

Howie Mandel is a true workaholic.  Not only does he host the popular Deal Or No Deal, he has a new show How We Do It.

Recently Howie popped in to see Ellen Degeneres on The Ellen Show and talked about his second show which is completely separate from his hit NBC show.

(Image of Howie Mandel - Host of NBC’s Deal Or No Deal - NBC Photo:  Trae Patton - on NBC (8-9 ET).  All Rights Reserved).

Howie, in describing How We Do It said "and its my life, my life, you know its everything I've ever been punished for, expelled for, hit for is what they're paying me on the show. It's a hidden camera prank show where we do things."

How We Do It - Priceless Treasure Unveiling

Ellen asked Howie to set up the clip she was about to play.  Howie explained the clips and said "this is a show either tomorrow night, or one coming up, where they people came with this job, they thought they were going to unveil this treasure that has been someplace in Asia and it was like, it's so priceless and it was going to pay for the resurrection of this village and all these children and all they had to do was unveil it. And when they unveil it you'll see what happened."

The How We Do It clip was played and the woman unveiling the treasure knocks the treasure off its pedestal.  She looks shocked and horrified and little people appear to be crying in the audience.

Howie said, after the clip, "so these people think they destroyed this treasure.  That's at the beginning"  Ellen said "that's terrible.  Those poor people."

A Wig Works For Hannah Montana So Why Not Howie?

Howie said "yeah, but then I take off my hair" which is a wig.  Afterall, Howie always appears with a completely shaved head.  Howie said "I wear a wig, I wear the same wig and glasses."  Ellen said "they're gonna catch on soon."  Howie said "you know what, it's weird, its so out of context that they don't.  Because they thing they're at, they don't think it's me and I'm not in Los Angeles so they think.  Listen it works for Hannah Montana, why can't it work for me?"

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