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Howie Mandel Has Magic In His Blood

Ellen Degeneres had one of her favorites guests recently stop by her show. Howie Mandel, a guest on America's Got Talent, stopped by to laugh and chat after arriving in a large sized replica of his bestselling book "Here's The Deal, Don't Touch Me."

Howie didn't just arrive on Ellen's stage in the large book but a formerly attired magican made him magically appear in a book which was previously empty.

(Image of Howie Mandel - NBC Universal 2009 All Star Party - DC Media - All Rights Reserved)

Howie told Ellen he didn't know how they made him appear in the book and he said "and don't tell me how it was done. Because it will ruin it for me."

He continued "I don't know how it was done but it's amazing." He teased Ellen "you actually booked me two weeks I've been in that book for two weeks. A long time. And I have paper cuts I don't even want to show you."

Howie told Ellen his book "came out in paperback this week" which explains why he popped out of a replica of his original hardback book. He also told Ellen "and I love magic...and you're doing a lot of magic (on your show). I don't know if you know this because we met years ago when I was doing stand-up but I was a magican's assistant before I went into stand-up."

Not only was Howie part of a magic act in the early days of his career he told Ellen "I had a onsie, a bedazzled onsie, just as a magican's assistant." He explained he was doing the magic gig "in his early twenties" and he "still has marks from the snaps (onsie snaps) but I won't show you that."

(Image of Howie Mandel - 2010 A Time For Heroes Celebrity Picnic - DC Media - All Rights Reserved)

He told Ellen "I was a magican's assistant, I used to get into a box and they would lock the box." Then he said "I didn't work with a magican so I spent hours in a box because there was no one there to take me out." Ellen laughed "so you were just an assistant?" Howie said "yes. And when I came out of the box I practiced the "taaa daa". He said "I like taaa daa." He jumped out of his chair to demonstrate. Howie explained "magicians as comedians don't get to 'taa daa'."

Although Ellen admitted she never does "ta da" Howie said "it's makes whatever you did as a performer seem better when you do the ta da." Howie said "even if it's a crappy trip a magician seems better if he ends a trick with ta da."

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