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Howie Mandel Had Moustache Growing On One Cheek

My favorite talk show hostess, Ellen, recently had Howie Mandel on her fabulous show (Friday, April 3, 2009) to discuss his latest show, "How We Do It" as well as general Howie Mandel life stories.  This was not the first time Howie was on the show, he and Ellen have a great chemistry and chat about all sorts of things.

Howie always talks about very bizarre topics and his latest visit was no exception.  He talked about a very bizarre moustache he had as well as lots of other juicy tidbits.

(Image of Howie Mandel - Host of NBC's Deal Or No Deal - NBC Photo:  Trae Patton - Friday, November 21, 2008 on NBC (8-9 ET).  All Rights Reserved).

In fact, Howie chats very fast.  Trying to keep up with him can be difficult because he talks what feels like a mile a minute.  I like Howie.  He's funny, hard working, successful and a Mysophobe which is a form of fear of germs.

The very last time Howie was on Ellen's show the funnylady gave him a gigantic plastic bubble that he could wear and still be able to shake hands with people, since he has a huge fear of germs and touching people.  Howie modeled the bubble and it was a huge hit.

On the most recent show (April 3, 2009), Ellen referenced Howie's bubble.  Howie glided out onto the stage wearing jeans and a red plaid shirt.  Howie, as always had his head shaved an a tastefully grown moustache and small goatee.  He gave Ellen the double fisted bump when he approached her.

Standing In Silence?

As usual he was full of energy and told Ellen "I never know when to sit.  I always thought it would be fun just to stand and they (the audience)  would stop applauding, and then it would awkward.  Just standing there in silence."    Ellen didn't think her audience would ever stop applauding as long as Howie was still standing.  She said "they probably would not stop applauding.  They would probably continue.  They're very polite they would applaud and applaud" which point the audience screamed and hollared and applauded.    Howie smiled broadly and said "OK, that's very nice."

Buying Stranger's Photos From Cruise Ships

Howie said "I was watching back stage and I loved the segment, The Paid For Pictures.  I've done that, I've actually done that where I've gone on a family likes cruising, its good for the kids when we go on cruises....and people, if you've never been on a cruise you can take pictures.  And they're family photos and formal night.  And I buy other family's photos.  I do, I do.  And we'll have things up in the living room and it's fun when people come over.  They go, who's that and I go, I don't know. So, some of you are laughing but if some of you were on a cruise and couldn't find your photos...and he pointed to himself...there're in my house."

Howie's Joke Moustache From Eighties

Ellen said "you have it."  Howie agreed "I have it.  But I also took photos in the eighties."  Ellen said "did you bring one?" Howie said "I did bring one, let me explain what it is first.  I just thought, it was in the eighties, I wanted to get an 8 x 10 and I thought I wanted a moustache and like I have it now."  He pointed to his moustache and said "this is a dream come true for me."

He continued "but you know what, I'm a germaphobe and things like that, and the thing that bothers me about moustaches is that I don't think it's in a good place on the face.  You know food gets caught in it and other things can get caught, so I wanted it.  I just didn't want it here and he pointed to above his lip.  So wait, show my picture.  This is a picture from the early eighties, here I am."

Moustache On One Side Of His Face Growing On His Cheek

A photo of a very young Howie was shown on the screen.  In the photo he had a line of hair that was adjacent to the corner of his mouth.  Just one line of hair sort of randomly growing in the middle of his face.  It was very bizarre.

Howie said "that was just the beginning."  Ellen said "was it just on one side of your face?"  Howie said "well yeah, that was the whole mustache.  But that was just the beginning."

He continued and demonstrated with his fingers "it grew in and it got really think and I put a little wax on it and, but and I thought it was so funny.  Well I thought it was so funny.  And I would go on talk shows and not mention it because I would think don't even talk about it because that would be fun.  And if someone said 'what's that' and I would say 'it's a moustache'.  And then it would be funny."

Unfortunately for Howie no one "got" his funny moustache that was growing on just one side of his face.  Howie said "I went on Merv Griffin one time and he didn't ask me.  Nobody asked me.  And I remember going home and my wife said 'you idiot, it's not a joke, people think you've got a bad mole."

Ellen was laughing through the entire bad moustache story but after Howie was finished she quickly changed the topic and they moved on to talking about the ball that she gave him on his last visit.

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