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Susan Mayer Getting Engaged On Desperate Housewives?

According to those in the know about ABC's Desperate Housewives, goofball Susan, played by Teri Hatcher is ultimately destined to get back with her true love Mike (James Denton).

In fact, a few weeks ago the Men Of Desperate Housewives appeared on The View.  James Denton told The View ladies he believed that eventually Susan and Mike would find their way back to each other.

(LR - Mike, Susan and Julie at Mike and Susan's Wedding -Desperate Housewives - Sunday, May 20, 2008 - Steve Tyler, James Denton, Teri Hatcher, Andrea Bowen - "Getting Married Today" from - All Rights Reserved).

It could be tricky.  Mike is currently living with Katherine Mayfair, one of Susan's long time friends.

Meanwhile, Susan's most recent younger beau, Jackson, mysteriously disappeared six months ago and was said to have moved away to accept a job in another location.  Is that what really happened?

No.  The actor who played the handsome Jackson, Gale Harold, was very seriously injured in a motorcycle accident and had to be written out of the script.  No one was sure if Gale would return or not.  Apparently he is completely recovered, better than ever and returning to the show on May 3rd to again pursue Susan.

(LR - Katherine Mayfair and Mike -Sunday, March 22, 2009 - Dana Delany, James Denton - Desperate Housewives - "A Spark. To Pierce the Dark." - All Rights Reserved).

Not only will Jackson return to Susan's life, show insiders believe an engagement would result for Susan. Housewives creator Marc Cherry was quoted in the media as saying "quite frankly, I think he looks even better [than before the crash]." He also reported Jackson reappears with a "very important question for Susan - one that she's kind of stunned by."

Of course if Susan gets engaged to Jackson it will be deja vu for us long time viewers.  Why?  If you think back, Susan was engaged to another man while Mike was in a coma, had a complete memory loss and was dating Edie (Nicollette Sheridan).

Although Susan was pining away for Mike, she had moved on with her life and had become engaged to the husband of a woman who was in a coma at the same hospital as Mike.  Does any of this ring a bell?  Of course at the last minute Mike got his memory back, remembered he had been in love with Susan and she managed to figure out she belonged with him.

Will that happen again with Mike and Catherine and Susan and Jackson?  With Desperate Housewives anything is completely possible.  So I would not be surprised to see Susan and Jackson get engaged when he returns to Wisteria Lane in May.

Marc Cherry also told the press "we were planning to end his (Jackson's) storyline around midseason,"  however because of his accident "we get to bring him back for the end of the season, which will be a nice kind of full circle journey for Susan in season 5."

Will Jackon be back for Season Six?  Marc Cherry reports that "no decision has been made" about bringing the actor back.  However, if Susan and Jackson (I really like that name by the way) get engaged, he will have to stick around for awhile.

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