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Brenda Strong's Sleek Chignon Hairstyle At 2009 SAG Awards

Actress Brenda Strong looked spectacular on the Red Carpet at the 2009 SAG Awards with her auburn tinged brunette strands coiffed with lots of fullness along the crown and ending in a tight chignon positioned at the back of her head.

A few random strands were teased out of the updo along the front and back of the hairline to create a softer less severe look for the elegant and sophisticated beauty.

Her hair worked in perfect harmony with her shimmering gun metal gray dress which was decorated with a bejeweled sash which extended across the front of her gown and over one shoulder.

(Image of Brenda Strong at 2009 SAG Awards - - All Rights Reserved).

Brenda is known as the "voice" of ABC's Desperate Housewives.  Ironically Marcia Cross told Ellen Degeneres in one of her visits that she had really wanted that job because it required so little camera time.

Although viewers don't see much of Brenda Strong as Mary Alice Young in a recent episode she was an integral part of the plot.

In the episode titled "The Best Thing That Could Ever Have Happened" the show scrolls back many years in time, before Mary Alice's suicide to the arrival of handyman Eli Scruggs at Wisteria Lane.

Handyman Eli Scruggs was played brilliantly by veteran actor Beau Bridges who suddenly passes away while finishing one last job for Susan before he gets ready to go off and retire and take care of his bad heart.

This episode was just another brilliant example of how the Desperate Housewife show has made use of altering time lines both frontwards and backwards.  Many shows fail when they try to do this but Desperate Housewives has only become more interesting and fun to watch.

(Image of Brenda Strong at 2009 SAG Awards - - All Rights Reserved).

After his death the Housewives remember how Eli Scruggs impacted their life in so many wonderful ways.  As part of the episode Mary Alice (Brenda Strong) is shown meeting Eli and realizing from the holes in his shoes how desperate he is for work.  She helps him by introducing him to all of her friends.

At one point Eli Scruggs is with Mary Alice right as she is writing her farewell note and he suspects something is wrong but she doesn't tell him.  He sits in his truck and is extremely sad when he realizes he was the last person to see her alive.  Based on the death of Mary Alice the handyman vows to live a better life.

Brenda was really great in the episode but it was one of her very rare appearances.  Most of the time Brenda is only heard as the narrator of the Desperate Housewives tale.

Brenda looked spectacular at the 2009 SAG Awards which she attended to show support for the rest of the cast and crew since they were nominated for an award.

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