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TNT Closer Episode Where The Killer Gets Away

I am a huge fan of The Closer and Deputy Chief Brenda Lee Johnson (Kyra Sedgwick).  I've been watching the series since the very first Episode - Season 4 - Episode 13.

In tonight's episode (2-9-09), Power Of Attorney, Deputy Chief Johnson finally meets her match in the form of a slick attorney (guest star Billy Burke) who rushes to defend a known sex offender who was also a delivery man with a damaged face.

(Image L-R of Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson and Assistant Police Chief Will Pope - Photo by Karen Neal - TNT - All Rights Reserved.

Brenda aka Deputy Chief Johnson tangled with the sex offender and finally extracts a confession in which he tells her the true rapist, and murderer, is his attorney.  Indeed, the sex offender points his finger at his own attorney as the man who brutally raped and murdered a woman in her home. 

It was quite a shock to Chief Johnson and the rest of the police department when the sex offender fingered his own attorney who promptly recursed himself from the case.

The attorney in question turns out to be a mental match for Brenda.  He winds up stringing her and her entire squad along throughout the entire series with a variety of manipulative tactics.

Like all of the Closer episodes, this one was especially great because it was not all wrapped up in a neat little package at the end of the hour.  Normally I just expect Brenda and her team to "close" the case at the end.

This time even though they knew who the real rapist and murderer was, Brenda was not able to convict him and he basically laughed in her face even though she swore she would not rest until she had him behind bars.

The episode was really great and for some reason Kyra's hair looked a different shade of blonde than normal.  For some reason it had more of a honey hue to it than normal.  It was perfection but definitely a different blonde than her normal darker shade.  Or else I was hallucinating, which is always possible.

Many times a long running series tends to start to wind down after it has been on as long as The Closer.  However, in my humble opinion, this TNT property is only getting better with each passing episode.

Bravo to TNT, Kyra Sedgwick and the entire cast of The Closer.

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