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Jimmy Smits Rocks On Dexter

Jimmy Smits looking handsome in a chocolate brown suit with a pink shirt appeared on a recent Ellen to talk about his fabulous guest starring role on the third season (current season) of Dexter which is on Showtime.

(Image of Jimmy Smiths as Miguel Prado and Michael C. Hall as Dexter (Season 3, episode 3) - Photo: Peter Iovino/Showtime)

Ellen told her audience she is a huge fan of Dexter and has been watching it since the very beginning.

She also told her audience that Jimmy is fantastic on Dexter and showed a very recent clip of Jimmy with Dexter in a battle of words from the current season.

On Dexter Jimmy plays the powerful and intriquing Miquel Prado as the assistant district attorney who works with Dexter (Michael C Hall) to solve the case of the murder of Oscar Prado, Miguel's youngest brother.

Jimmy had not been on Ellen's show for quite some time and when he first sat down with her he commented on her "new digs since the last time I was here" and said it's "all fancy smancy, it looks great". 

The actor talked about the Chippendale Dancers who had been on the show right before him.  He teased the audience and said he was "going to tell all their boyfriends and girlfriends" about "all that rubbing going on" and "you were into it".  Ellen commented that the audience looked a little freaked out when the famous dancers worked their way through her audience.

(Image of Michael C. Hall as Dexter and Jimmy Smits as Miguel Prado (Season 3, episode 4) - Photo: Cliff Lipson/Showtime - All Rights Reserved).

Ellen told her audience that Dexter is a show a lot of people are finding now.  She asked Jimmy if he were watching before?

"Absolutely, absolutely" he said.  He'd been watching Dexter before he appeared on the show.  He said "Michael C. Hall was on Six Feet Under" before Dexter and "is wonderful on the new show".

Ellen told the viewers you might not want to watch Dexter if you're squeamish about blood since Dexter is a serial killer who only kills the bad guys but he's still a serial killer and there's lots of blood.

Jimmy pointed out "Dexter is a good guy, a lovable guy,  he is a blood spattering analyst".

The former LA Law star said he really enjoyed himself on the show.  Michael C Hall is just wonderful and was on Six Feet Under.

(Image of Michael C. Hall as Dexter and Jimmy Smits as Miguel Prado (Season 3, episode 3) - Photo: Peter Iovino/Showtime - All rights reserved)

Ellen asked Jimmy if he would be appearing on the next season of Dexter (the third season is almost over) since there are only two episodes left.  Jimmy indicated that he will probably not be on the fourth season of the show and after all, the name of the show is Dexter.

Jimmy told Ellen "I came on the third season to mix things up a little and I play the assistant district attorney".  They (Dexter and Miguel) "became friends, it becomes a kind of bromance.  It blossoms".

When Ellen asked if Dexter kills Jimmy he replied "I don't know".  He also said "it doesn't look like he's coming back".  Ellen seemed disappointed and  Jimmy said "well you saw what happened there on the clip (the one she played on the show) but afterall the show's called.... and Ellen filled in the blanks with Dexter.

The actor said "he had a great time" on the show.  He told Ellen it's a "great cast.  They won a Peabody Award, the writing is really strong on the show".  He told the audience to check out the show on Showtime.

Ellen announced Jimmy brought in a bad Santa photo.  Jimmy said the photo "was on LA Law" when he had a "lot more hair".

According to Jimmy the Santa character was on an past episode of LA Law and was the guy who fell from the garage.

Ellen played a prank on Jimmy and showed the photo re-touched up so it showed Jimmy as Santa wearing green briefs and bare legs.

It was hilarious.  Jimmy said "something went wrong with the color correction."

(Image of Jimmy Smits as Miguel Prado and Michael C. Hall as Dexter (Season 3, episode 6) - Photo: Peter Iovino/Showtime - All rights reserved).

After Ellen flashed the photo of him in briefs he laughed and told her  "I'm still thinking about the legs there but after the Chippendales there's no comparison".

What's next for Jimmy?  He talked with Ellen about how he is in the process along with a group of partners of re-opening the Conga Room at LA Live which is a big entertainment complex in Los Angeles near the Staples Center.  It's a dance club with a restaurant.  WilIAm from the Black Eyed Peas will be there since he is one of the various investors.

He's very excited about his new project.

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