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Julie Benz Escapes From Dexter At 2009 SAG Awards

When I saw Julie Benz from Dexter at the 2009 SAG Awards I literally did not recognize her.  Keep in mind I am a huge, huge, huge (did I say huge) fan of the Showtime Cable show about a serial killer who only kills other serial killers.

I adore every single person on that show and have watched every single Dexter episode multiple times.  I fell in love with Michael C. Hall's brilliant acting when he was playing an angst filled gay undertaker on Six Feet Under.  Yes, I was addicted to that crazy family as well.

Getting to know the rest of the Dexter cast as the series has unfolded has been like discovering a cool family that lives across the alley you never knew was there.

(Image of Julie Benz - 2009 SAG Awards - - All Rights Reserved).

Julie Benz is brilliant as Dexter's pregnant new wife (as of the end of the last season).  She plays a pretty blonde in the poorly paid part of the hotel industry who was struggling with the task of raising two kids alone after divorcing a physically abusive, drug addicted husband. 

Introduced by Dexter's well-meaning sister, the odd couple somehow formed a sweet but quirky bond which eventually led to an unplanned pregnancy and wedding.

I can not tell you how much Julie Benz the actress looks nothing like Mrs. Dexter.  Even her hair is darker than on the Dexter show where she appears to have a lighter buttery blonde.  At least that's how I experienced it.

Michael C. Hall is actually a very lucky man.  Besides having a TV wife who is as gorgeous as Julie Benz, in real life he recently married a stunning brunette actress - Jennifer Carpenter - who plays Dexter's half sister Deb.  Jennifer Carpenter is a knock out.  But then so is Julie Benz.

Besides having a gorgeous new wife on Dexter and a gorgeous new wife in the real world, Michael C. Hall was nominated for both a 2009 Golden Globe and a SAG.  Sadly he didn't win but hey, he already wins in so many other ways.

Julie Benz?  If I wasn't such a huge fan of Dexter and recognized her name, I would never have connected her to the Dexter cast.  At the 2009 SAG Awards she completely escaped her Dexter mantle.

It was exciting to see that several of the SAG media watchers gave her a nod for best dressed.  She certainly deserved it.   She wore a short sassy black "cocktail" style gown that showed off her stunning figure.  She wore her tresses up in a sultry updo which showed off her gown to absolute perfection.

While some fashionistas believe the Red Carpet should only be for long gowns, I think Julie Benz rocked it and looked like a true Glamazon.

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